Moonlight Race


Sat, Aug 23 2003


Event Managers



AUGUST 23, 2003


This event will consist of one race Saturday August 23, 2003


Due the late finish of this event, there will be no social program following the completion of this race.

PHRF Non Spinnaker will be sailed allowing only one (1) headsail downwind.

Warning Signal

The warning signal for this race will be at 1930 hours.


The Committee Boat could be anywhere from Piankatank R. G "5" (FBYC "A"), to Piankatank R. Lt. R "2" Fl R 4s (FBYC "F") or beyond. The starting line will be between the orange or yellow flag on the Committee Boat and either a government mark listed in Appendix A or special buoy "X".

The course length for this race will be adjusted by the Race Committee so that the boats participating can reasonably expect to finish within the time limit.


Between Piankatank R. Lt. "6" Fl R 6s (FBYC "B") and the orange or yellow flag on the Committee Boat stationed north of FBYC "B".

If the Committee Boat is not on station at the finish, leave FBYC "B" to port, and take your own time when you are within 25 yards of FBYC "B" and it bears 180° magnetic from the helmsmanÂ’s position. This information should be passed along to the Race Committee Chairman as soon as possible after returning to the dock.


2400 hours for all classes; boats finishing after 0200 hours on Sunday, August 24, 2003 will be scored DNF.


Awards for this race will be given at the FBYC year-end awards ceremony.


This event is not CBYRA sanctioned and the results of this race will not be used to determine winners of FBYC perpetual trophies.

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