Spring Clean Up Day


Sat, Mar 27 2004



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Chip Hall
  • Social Chair: Jane Hall

Clean-up Day Reminder from Chip Hall - March 27, 2004


March 27th is only 6 weeks away, and that means that the date for our annual “Spring Clean-up” is coming up fast! Please mark your calendar for that day and arrive at the club early, say 8:30 AM, ready to do a wide variety of spring cleaning activities. By that time, the club will be the proud owner of the lot to the east, including the stables. This addition will create lots of opportunities to put an army of volunteers to work, and we are working on a list of projects already. Of course, there will be the normal sprucing up of the grounds, buildings and docks. There will be plenty of chances to put your gardening skills to work as well. We’ll happily accept lots of hands, backs, a few tools and a trailer or two. So block that date out and join in the fun. More details will come as the date approaches.

By now I hope that you have taken note of the date of our Spring Clean-up.  By way of e-mail, the “Log” and maybe gossip, all our members should know that it is March 27, 2004! Please come to the club at 8:30 a.m. that Saturday and lend a hand.  We’ll be doing a bit of pruning, raking, painting, mulching and much more.  Bring your gardening gloves, rakes and clippers.  We’ll provide some other tools, trash bags, camaraderie and LUNCH!  To better plan, the lunch, we’d like to get a head count, so if you are coming please reply to ce.ja.hall@mindspring .com.  Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you on 3/27.   Chip Hall