USODA 2004 Atlantic Coast Optimist Championship


Sat, Oct 9 - 10, 2004


Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Noel Clinard


October 9-10, 2004. The final regatta schedule is now posted in the Notice of Race. Generally the schedule is: FRIDAY: 0900 - 2100 Registration and Check-in (INITIAL Registration subject to late fee of US$50.00) at West Marine on the right on Route 33 as you enter Deltaville; SATURDAY: 0800 - 0900 Check-in for PRIOR registrants at West Marine (no INITIAL Registrations); 0900 Coaches' and Parents' meeting; 0930 Skippers' meeting; 1100 First Warning signal for Gold Fleet followed by Harbor start for Green Fleet. SUNDAY will be comparable but a bit earlier as set forth in the Notice of Race. Due to the club location on two lane peninsula road several miles from West Marine, congestion on Saturday morning and early start on Saturday, competitors are strongly advised to arrive on Friday, October 8, for check-in, launching, orientation, practice and cook-out (see MEALS below). Early bird visitors are welcome to arrive on Thursday if they wish, but the full regatta staff will not be on site and no meals will be offered. If you plan to arrive Thursday, please email the Event Chair.


Fishing Bay is in Deltaville, Virginia, 75 miles east of Richmond, Virginia, at the Piankatank River mouth, just south of the Rappahannock River and Stingray Point. FBYC offers a beautiful setting with modern, new facilities. The racing area(s) will be in the Fishing Bay area and the mouth of the Piankatank River as shown in the chart attached to the Sailing Instructions. The racing areas are designated A, B and C on this chart. Depending on conditions, the Green Fleet will likely race in A, and the Gold Fleet will likely race in A, B or C..


Prizes will be awarded to the top ten finishers in the Red, Blue, and White Fleets; Top Girls, 1st through 3rd ; and participation awards for all competitors in the Green Fleet. As a special extra "prize" for Green Fleet Sailors, the Green Fleet at this event will be run by TOM COLEMAN of McLaughlin "WORLD CHAMPION" Optimist, including special clinics, games and on the water instruction. For those purchasing their first Opti for later events, Tom Colemen will be selling a fleet of "like new" charter Optis following the event. For those interested in chartering Optis for this event from McLaughlin, go to You may also charter Winner optis at this event; email Julie Larsen at or go to


Registration is offered by mail and on-line for a fee of $80. An additional late registration fee of $50 will be imposed for entries on line after 5:00 pm October 4, or postmarked after September 30, by mail. No INITIAL registrations will be allowed after 9:00 pm on Friday, October 8. Check-in of PRIOR registrants will be allowed during Registration on Saturday, October 9, but such late check-in is discouraged. Registration and check-in will occur at the West Marine Store on the right on Route 33 as you approach Deltaville, NOT at FBYC. Watch for the sign as you approach and turn into the large parking lot. More details on registration and a Registration Form are available at How to Register.

USODA135 On the on-line registration, you will also be offered the opportunity to purchase meal packages and to purchase event tee shirts (Event tee shirts are NOT included in the registration fee). Take a look at our Tee Shirt Design - part is shown to the left. As to meals, the entry fee covers breakfast and lunch (but not dinner) for the competitors but no meals for anyone else (like parents). As set forth below under "MEALS" a variety of meal packages are offered for sale to non-competitors. FBYC is rather isolated and Deltaville is fairly small with few restaurants. Eating at the club is certainly the easiest way to eat at the event, so we hope you will sign up now so we can plan the numbers of meals.

If after completing the on-line registration, you decide you wish to purchase one of the meal packages, tee-shirts, or pay for the Housing at Member's homes, then please go to The Buy More web page. Please print it out, fill it in and fax or mail it to Noel Clinard at the address shown.


Deltaville, Virginia, is a small village, with limited commercial accommodations. Other accommodations are available in surrounding towns, such as Irvington, Kilmarnock, and Gloucester. We have made several arrangements for accommodations nearby; details on the accommodations page. In particular, we hope you will consider staying at the Tides Lodge, where we guaranteed (and have met) a minimum. As of September 21, 2004, there are 24 rooms remaining at the Tides Lodge for $115 per night, and 14 others at the luxurious Tides Inn, at a higher (but discounted) rate.


Starting on September 22, 2004, we began offering lodging in the private homes of members of FBYC, where we have arranged over 100 beds. There will be an administrative charge by FBYC of $125 per night for member home lodging for a family unit or similar group (e.g parents traveling with their own sailor and another; but not entire teams). This charge will help offset the expense of reservations, approximates the cost of commercial lodging and helps finance the regatta (it is not rent; you will be a guest). Anyone trying to pay by credit card for member lodging in on-line registration will notice an item priced at $62.50 called - Housing Admin fee - for member home - per family - per one half night - Requires 2 for one night - that they can buy during the on-line registration process (Sorry for the confusion, but this is an artifact of a $100 limit for purchases in our on line system. So, for two nights for one family or group, you need to purchase FOUR half nights at $62.50 to pay for the two nights of October 8 and 9). Advance payment of the fee of $125 per family or house per night is required to sign up for housing in member's homes. We also request you email the Housing Chair, Elizabeth Staas, at to discuss availability and suitability for your group and to arrange specific homes. Any on-line payments made on for housing in member's homes which are not successfully arranged will be refunded at the event.

If you have already registered, and you decide you wish to pay for the Housing Admin fee for housing at Member's homes, then please go to The Buy More web page. print it out, fill it in and fax or mail it to Noel Clinard at the address shown.

You may also peruse the accommodation suggestions provided by Deltaville.

Limited tent camping (but no campers or RVs) will be allowed on site but arrangements must be made in advance by emailing the the Housing Chair, Elizabeth Staas, at


FBYC will offer a Cook Out Grill Menu on Friday evening for a $5.00 per person cash price, first come, first served. Get unloaded, choose and mark your rigging area, see friends and have a quick meal so you can get "the lay of the land (and water)." FBYC will provide continental breakfast and lunch to competitors on both race days. Meal packages are available for non-competitor guests (and for competitors' Saturday Dinner) on a per head basis for various combinations of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday. Advance payment for these meal packages may be made through On-Line Registration, Mail Registration, the Buy More web page or during Check-In. See the Registration Form for details and prices.


We have a concrete ramp at FBYC for trailered boats but we reserving it primarily for Optis. Accordingly, most power boat launching will be off site at nearby ramps, minutes from the club by water. Power boat trailer parking will be off site as well, convenient to the ramps. Opti trailer parking will be on another site near FBYC and Opti rigging and storage will be on our new property immediately adjacent to FBYC. Car parking will be in our lot and nearby fields. We are also building a 14 x 28 ft ramp for launching Optis off the new property to the beach to facilitate efficient launching and recovery.

You may leave power boats in the water after launching and we are arranging mooring (rafted up). FBYC has a "bay side" and a "creek side" to its campus, which is on a narrow isthmus. The bay side is almost always sheltered from prevailing winds, but can get rough in a heavy southerly breeze, so we don't moor there overnight, generally. Most power boats will moor on the Jackson Creek side which never gets rough. That will require going from Jackson Creek around Stove Point and into Fishing Bay in the morning, about a 15 minute run at 25 kts, and reversing at night. We will not be able to launch and recover power boats each day, with the possible exception of small inflatables and others unable to go around Stove Point. See the Chart of Racing Area and aerial photo of the neighboorhood for an overview of the area.

If congestion has not hit on Thursday night and early Friday we may allow launching of power boats at the Club, but trailers will have to move to the storage lots. At the appropriate time we will divert traffic to the alternate sites. More details, including White Flags for Coach Boats and Orange Flags for Safety Boats will be provided in the packet at Registration at West Marine.

We are fortunate to have little crime in our rural area so trailers will be safe overnight at all the sites. For more information, contact the Event Chair, Noel Clinard, FBYC’s Junior Division Commander, at

NOR and Sailing Instructions:

The Notice of Race is now available online. Click on "Notice of Race" in the left sidebar above. The Sailing Instructions will be posted soon. For more information, contact the Event Chair, Noel Clinard, FBYC’s Junior Division Commander, at

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