Family Cruise


Sat, Aug 5 - 6, 2006



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: John Koedel


"Yopps, Kip and a Jump" Family Cruise is along the lines of the highly successful 24 Hour Cruise of 2005 at which 8 boats attended. Some were on their first overnight cruise. All had a great time. We have a short destination (hop, skip, and a jump) to Yopps Cove off Carter Creek. This is a seldom visited cove located just to starboard after entering Carter Creek. There is a nice little basin there where we can raft in 7 to 8 feet of water. Departure time is at your leisure but between 9am and 10am would allow for a nice sail up the Rappahannock and still allow plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon before cocktails and appetizers across the cockpits. Do your own planning for dinner and libations.


White Shark - Bring a gift valued under $15 in an unmarked paper bag. Weíll draw numbers. When itís your turn, you get to choose from an unopened bag or from something that has already been opened. Gag gifts are common here. I assume marine items are out since nothing can be found for under $15. For political reasons, weíll operate adult and child divisions.


Contact cruise chairs Kara and John Koedel, III @ or 338-1158 cell.

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