New Cruisers Cruise


Sat, May 18 - 19, 2013



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: George Burke
  • Social Chair: Doug Anderson


What’s it like to go cruising with fellow Club members? Sailors who know the answer to that question are inviting those who don't to join them.  What's required? A sail boat, a family or other crew, and an anchor – fenders helpful.  Skippers and crews will meet at 9 am Saturday at Fannie’s House to discuss destination options over coffee and pastries supplied by event chairs. The flotilla will leave Jackson Creek at 10 am, rendezvous with those from other locations at the mouth of the Piankatank, and sail to the quietest, prettiest, easiest gunk hole that weather permits. Expect to execute, or learn, the following skills: anchoring, cooking aboard, rafting up, and crowd control (when the kids share each other’s decks!)  Bring games, kayaks, dinghies, water cannons, cocktails, or anything else that you and your family would like to "share" with your fellow cruisers. Grandparents are welcomed and encouraged to join in.  Register online at  Contact Lyons and George Burke, and Doug Anderson, or call (804) 516-8600 for further details.

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