75th Anniversary Book Purchase


Thu, Dec 25 2014


Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Jere Dennison
  • Social Chair: Julie Ann Wash

The 75th FBYC Anniversary History Book has been finished!   The Book will be 8” x 9 ½” Perfect Bound (like our Yearbook and Sailing Events Books, but a little bigger) and is comprised of 132 pages of black & white and color images with narratives of the Club’s history dating back to its founding on May 8, 1939 (exactly 75 years before the May 2014 Board Meeting).
The fascinating history was compiled by Club Historian Jere Dennison over ten years, edited by Logstreamer Nica Waters, and includes a foreword by Gary Jobson. Contributors include numerous members and non-members alike.  Shown at right is the cover of the book and the entire book can be downloaded and printed if you wish at http://www.fbyc.net/Events/2014/12.25.calendar/75th%20History%20PDF%20low-res   The book will be eminently suitable to grace coffee tables as well as being a perfect gift for family and sailing friends. 

On june 27, we have ordered the printer to proceed to print the books - so they can be ready in mid to late July.   We have dropped the pre-order subsidized prices and the book remains available for sale at $35 per copy. The books will be sold on-line at www.fbyc.net using our event registration system - like you would register for an event and buy meals.  The event is http://www.fbyc.net/Events/2014/Events/2014/12.24.calendar/ssi.dtml  and the link to register and buy the book is http://www.fbyc.net/Registration/entry_registered?event_id=1398  On the Registration page you will note we offer several options for purchase. 

You continue to offer a chance to become a Book Sponsor and all sponsors will be invited to a special Sponsor event.

Item to purchase Price
Book Sponsor-receives 5 books -invited to Sponsor event               $500
Single Book - paying full printing and delivery costs $35


What the critics say:

  • “…what a wonderful treasure!” – Meg Rock, FBYC Executive Secretary
  • “…it is a masterpiece.” – Mason Chapman, FBYC Finance Chair
  • “…a wonderful job, it is an impressive document.” – Ted Bennett, FBYC Rear Commodore
  • “…the photographic and written narrative is a compelling story.” – Gary Jobson
  • “…the book is awesome.” – Strother Scott, FBYC Past Commodore & Webmaster


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