J/70 Friday Night Series


Fri, Jun 26 2015



Event Managers

Fridays starting June 5-August 28

RULES Races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – 2016, a) this series will allow maximum of “5 up” ( a total of 5) and no weight limit, all other J/70 class rules apply.

NOTICES TO COMPETITORS, CHANGES TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS, AND SIGNALS MADE ASHORE. If needed, a skippers meeting will be held at 1700 to review needed changes. Every attempt will be made to communicate changes Via VHF channel 69

THE SIGNAL BOAT/PRINCIPAL RACE OFFICER (PRO) The Principal Race officer may be a competitor on a participating J/70. The signal boat and or mark boat can be competing J/70 designated by the PRO.

MARKS & COURSES The course to be sailed will be windward- leeward   courses no longer than .75 miles in length, including a windward inflatable mark or government mark designated by the PRO and leeward mark/finish pin, the number of legs will be either posted on white marker board or signaled by VHF or hand signals by acting PRO.

RACING AREA The Racing area will be as close to the mouth of Jackson Creek to allow for safe boat traffic.

RECALLS In the event of an individual recall the Race Committee may attempt to notify boats identified as OCS via hail on VHF-69.

RACING AT NIGHT Between sunset and sunrise all boats shall exhibit proper navigation lights.

THE FINISH The finishing line will be between a yellow or orange flag on a Race Committee boat and the designated finishing mark.

PROTESTS If a boat violates RRS, the boat may exonerate herself by completing one 360 degree penalty turn as soon as possible, this is a change to RRS. A boat intending to protest another boat must so notify the Race Committee by hail or radio transmission immediately after finishing or retiring. All protests will be heard by skippers not involved in the protest and ruling will be made within 1 week of the end of the race.

SCORING Each competing boat will keep track of their score and reconcile with PRO after racing is complete. Once a boat enters the series, that boat will be scored for the remaining series.   The Event Chair will keep the series scores and calculate final scores.

RESULTS: will not be officially posted

RADIO AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS It is required that boats racing monitor VHF Channel 69

EQUIPMENT All equipment and minimum standards required by U.S. Coast Guard, the RRS/US, J/70 Class

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