Wee Dram Cruise/Race


Fri, Aug 12 - 14, 2016



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Karen Soule

Friday, August 12- Sunday, August 14, 2016

The third Annual Wee Dram destination is to be determined as we figure out weather and wind.  Look for info as we draw near.  Get it on your calendar this time.  In the past we got a lot of "Wish we had known . . ." It takes place at the same time as AOD, so this is a good way to get away from the chaos.
1 Wee Dram - Motored to Cape Charles
2 Wee Dram - Sailed to Cape Charles averaging well over 8 knots.
3 Wee Dram - ??
Format:  Race/cruise.  Start when you can and keep your own time. Winner receives some fine Laphroaig and a pat on the back. 
Register early for this unique event at www.fbyc.net. Contact Karen Soule at karen.soule@gmail.com with any questions.
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