Open House Regatta & Party


Sun, May 27 2018

Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Geoff Cahill
  • Race Chair: Jim Raper
  • Social Chair: Allene Cahill

Sunday, May 27, 2018


COURSE: The course will use a combination of drop marks and government marks in the Piankatank River and Piankatank Channel:

Start - the vicinity of Godfrey Bay.

X drop mark
R "12" starboard
R "8" port
FBYC B starboard
Y drop mark due east of FBYC B starboard
G "5" port
R "8" starboard
R "12" starboard
Finish - Fishing Bay, near the FBYC dock.

If PHRF CR ratings are to be used, the Race Committee will notify the fleet at the mandatory Skippers' Meeting held on the lawn near the bell by the main clubhouse.

Make the highlight of your Memorial Weekend this fun-filled day of racing, camaraderie, music, and summer-inspired food with your fellow club members.  The Open House Regatta and Party is an event for every part of the club.  We've got Offshore, One Design, Junior, Cruising, and Social divisions all coming together for an easy race, a raft-up, and dinner with a band.  Our members are encouraged to invite all of their friends on their boats and to the club for the festivities.

The day starts with a staggered start pursuit race for all boats around a set of government marks, finishing in the early afternoon just off the FBYC pier. Then all of the boats are encouraged to raft up, and we'll shuttle folks from the FBYC dock to the boats. To end the evening, there will be dinner and a band.

"Sail fast, have fun, bring a friend, and enjoy the party!"

Watch from the dock or take a motorboat shuttle for a closer view of the formation of the raft-up. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks will be provided on board a boat within the raft-up. Kid-friendly event.

The Raft-Up Marshal will be directing the raft-up’s formation via VHF Channel 71.

Both Racing (Offshore & One Design) and Cruising sailboats are encouraged to participate.  All spectators on land are encouraged to take the shuttle to the raft-up.

Dinner is a full fledged pig pickin'. That means it's pulled right there, with other options available! Here's the full menu:
- 2 Whole Pigs Barbecued on site
- Bone-In Char Grilled Chicken
- David's "East Virginia BBQ"Caesar Salad
- Southern Pickled Shrimp
- Country Style Cole Slaw
- Summer Pasta Salad
- Berry Parfait


Skippers' Meeting
1100: First warning signal for racers 
1200 - 1600: Sunflower raft up 
1300: Racing boats finishing, spectators watch from pier 
1700 - 1830: Onshore Happy Hour 
1830: Pig Pickin' and dinner
1800 - 2200: Live Entertainment


VOLUNTEERS - Please sign up HERE to help out!



CLASSES: The Open House Regatta is a handicap pursuit race open to any boat rated with Portsmouth Yardstick D-PN Handicap rating or PHRF rating.  (courtesy ratings will be given to boats without certificates)

THE START: At the Skippers' Meeting each boat will be given a staggered start time based on their rating.  (This enables an orderly start and prevents a jumble of boats from being in the starting area at once.)

SAILING AREA:  Starts will be in Godfrey Bay and sail to the Bay around marks at the entrance of the Piankatank and then back to a finish near the club pier in Fishing Bay.

FINISH: Spectators should congregate around 2pm on the Fishing Bay hillside and pier to watch the sailboats finish racing off the dock.

TIME LIMIT: If one boat finishes within 3 hours from the start, the race will be valid for all racers.  All boats must finish within 1h 30m of the first finisher or 1500, whichever is later.

SCORING: All boats will be scored using the Portsmouth Rating in the order of their finish.  Boats with PHRF ratings will be converted to Portsmouth.  Boats without PHRF ratings will be assigned a courtesy rating. 

RAFT-UP:  From 12 pm - 4:00 pm boats will raft-up in a sunflower formation. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks will be provided on board a boat within the raft-up. This is a kid-friendly event.  A shuttle will be available between the Fishing Bay pier and the raft-up.

0900: Skippers' Meeting 
1100: Warning Signal for first boat to start
1300: After finishing, please join the raft-up! Radio your intention on channel 71 to the raft-up marshall.

COURSES The course will use government marks in the Piankatank River and Piankatank Channel:

AWARDS described in the Sailing Instructions.

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