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Sun, Apr 14 2019



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  • Event Chair: Bob Fleck

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Trim to Win

Designed for Skippers and crew Serious cruisers, club racers, and advanced racers looking for a refresher

Join us Sunday April 14 for an outstanding sail trim seminar with our own Jerry Latell, owner and chief sailtrimologist of Ullman Sails Virginia. Find out how to get more speed, balance and efficiency from your sails as you prepare for the upcoming season. Get answers to all your trimming questions from the opening day race. Learn the tips and techniques that will move you boat to the front of the fleet.

We'll have the Coffee brewing, other beverages, and assorted munchies to assist in your 'morning after' the opening day festivities.


Meet at the Main Clubhouse at 0845

The class starts at 0900 and will last until 1200


FREE! Courtesy of Ullman Sails


Interactive session led by Jerry Latell with discussion and visual references.

We will cover various topics including:

Defining Sail Shape – Draft, Camber, Twist

Building Shape into a Sail – Broadseam and Luff curve

Nuts and bolts of sail trim

  • Mainsail controls – Halyard/Cunningham, Outhaul, Sheet/Vang, Mast bend, Traveler
  • Genoa trim controls - Halyard/Cunningham, Forestay sag, Sheet lead/tension

Putting trim controls into action

  • Golden Rules of main and genoa trim
  • Creating a trim Cheat Sheet – repeatability is critical
  • Tell tales – What do they really tell us
  • Reaching trim
  • Shifting gears – for different wind and sea conditions
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