Fall Race Teams


Sat, Sep 7 - Oct 20, 2019



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Jason Angus
  • Junior Chair: Mark Wensell



Fall Race Teams will be professionally coached by two of our Race Team coaches - Clari Piran and Mariano Pellegrino

We are offering the program for Opti, Laser and 420 sailors.   There will be combination of practice and racing sessions at FBYC, in conjunction with the Fall One-Design schedule, so plenty of opportunities to learn and compete.

Preference is given to 2019 FBYC Race Team members - participation will be capped at 10 Opti and 10 Laser/420 Sailors 


To join the team - SIGN UP HERE!


Our draft schedule (mostly weekends!) will start after Labor Day:

Sept 7 & 8 Sat/Sun - Practice at FBYC and race in FBYC One-Design FS1 on Sun 8th

Sept 14 & 15 Sat/Sun - Practice at FBYC and race in FBYC OD FS2 on Sat 14th

Sept 20-22 Fri-Sun - USODA ACC @ Brant Beach NJ - Optis only**

Sept 28 & 29 Sat/Sun - Practice at FBYC and race in FBYC OD FS3 on Sep 28th

Oct 5 & 6 Sat/Sun - Practice at FBYC and race in FBYC OD FS4 on Oct 5

Oct 11-14 Fri-Mon - USODA SE Champs @ Camp Seagull/Seafarer in Arapahoe, NC - Optis only**

Oct 19 & 20 - 420 Mid-Atlantic Championships @ ODU in Norfolk, VA - 420s only**


**Away events (NJ, NC and Norfolk) will have additional coaching and travel costs split amongst the participants of those events


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