Crew Training - On Water


Sun, May 15 2022



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Lauren DeSimone

2022 Crew Training On-Water Practice 

Saturday, April 30 | 9:30am - 2:00pm
Sunday, May 15 | 9:30am - 2:00pm



These are optional on-water practice sessions in Deltaville to complement the classroom instruction and are intended to put theory into practice by reviewing basic sailing skills as well as racing maneuvers. Join us for one, both, or none! Lunch is provided and pre-registration is required.

A typical on-water day will include:

Boarding and navigating the boat

□ Identify how to board the boat and any safe/unsafe locations to sit/stand

□ Discuss the location/use of all safety equipment and life jackets

□ Review location of sail controls for this boat

□ Review the man overboard procedure

□ Use bowline/stopper knot

□ Use cam cleat, jam cleat, horn cleat

□ Raise main (& jump/tail halyards)

□ Trim/Ease/Tack main

□ Raise jib/genoa (& jump/tail halyards)

□ Trim/Ease/Tack jib/genoa

□ Grind/tail a winch (single person, w/ & w/o self tailing if available)

□ Winch: Add/Remove a wrap while under load

□ Winch: Ease while under load

□ Grind a winch in a tack (two person)

□ Tail a winch in a tack (two person)


Sailing the boat and returning it to dock

□ Demonstrate head to wind and effect on sails and speed

□ Demonstrate other sail controls: vang, cunningham, backstay, outhaul, traveler, other

□ Explain telltales

□ Demonstrate sheet/line organization

□ Explain telltales

□ Practice MOB

□ If sufficient crew and skill, put up spinnaker/gybe/etc

□ Drop headsail, fold and stow

□ Drop mainsail, fold and stow

□ Stow lines

□ Dock and put away boat

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