One Design Spring 4


Sun, Jun 5 2022


Event Managers


Race Day 4

Sun. June 5, 2022 


DESCRIPTION One Design Spring Distance Race Day 4 is an event open to FBYC club members and all sailors interested in racing their sailboat, developing their sailing skills and being part of a great sailing tradition on the Chesapeake Bay.

The Long Distance Race is a handicap race open to any One Design boat 24’ length and under at the waterline. The Portsmouth Yardstick D-PN Handicap System will be used to score finishes. See NO OPTIS WILL RACE IN THE LONG DISTANCE RACE DUE TO LONG DISTANCE AND RISK OF OPPRESSIVE HEAT. Advance registration is encouraged. 

The Skippers' Meeting will involve additional discussion at the discretion of the Fleet Captains and PROs to set the optimal course around government marks in the vicinity of Fishing Bay and the Piankatank River.

REGISTRATION  To be eligible for scoring, all participants must register prior to the start of the first race.  Event registration, information and notices can be found at the event website on Regatta Network Advance registration is encouraged by using the sign up link at Regatta Network. When entering the boat's Portsmouth rating in Regatta Network, please use the look up feature. Once the boat is found in the index click on the appropriate boat code to enter rating.


CLASSES Flying Scot, Melges 15, and any class of any three like or unlike one-design boats is also invited to race. The Portsmouth Number (D-PN) handicapping system will be used to score classes of unlike boats. If there are fewer than three Portsmouth class boats they may participate in a parent class fleet (eg. Flying Scot) and race against them under the Portsmouth system. They will receive a Portsmouth score for this race day but will not be counted towards series scoring. The parent class will still maintain their own separate class scoring.

LATE REGISTRATION & CHECK IN At 1000 on the downstairs porch of the main clubhouse. Skippers Meeting will be held at 1030, started by the PRO and followed by the Fleet Captains with any desired fleet discussion, questions, tips, etc.

WARNING The first warning signal will be at 1200 and several practice starts may be conducted before starting a race. Any start while flying the Lima flag will not count as a race, and boats should return to the starting area after 3 minutes of sailing upwind.

SPRING SERIES SCORING Races run under this event will also count towards the overall Spring Series.  The Spring Series winner in each class or subclass will be the qualified boat having the highest score for the series based on the “High-Point Percentage Scoring System.” Daily awards are awarded based on the “Low-Point Scoring System”.


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