Kentucky Derby Cruise


Fri, May 3 - 5, 2024



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: John Koedel

Friday, May 3rd.  Join us for happy hour at Fannie’s House at 5:30pm.  Bring something to share and your beverage.  We will discuss our Saturday cruise to Healey Creek.

Saturday, May 4th.   John and Fay Koedel will be hosting the Kentucky Derby at their home on Healey Creek.  The creek is about 4 miles up the Piankatank from R8, on the North side.  There are private markers marking the entrance, a green and a red.  R14 has nothing to do with it.  You’ll run aground and be made fun of.  There is 8’ draft in the creek and room for 8 or so boats to anchor.  There may be room to raft at the dock.  You will see Wings docked and an FBYC burgee.

You can come anytime.  Dinghy service is available.  Hot dogs will be served around 5:30pm.  Please bring something to share and your beverage.  The horse race is around 6:45pm.  There is a derby hat contest.  They call them fascinators, for some reason.  Look it up.  Home made is best. 

This is also Star Wars Day.  May the fourth we with you.

Sunday, May 5th.  Cinco de Mayo Tabb.  There will be pancakes and mimosas on the deck around 9:00am.

Event Chair: John Koedel, III / Wings (804) 338-1158

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