Captains Choice Cruise


Sat, Oct 13 - 14, 2007



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Joe Schott
  • Social Chair: Carolyn Schott


As Captain John Smith learned when he made his famous circumnavigation in 1609, the Bay offers a lot of choices for destinations on any given day. One choice is to simply follow the wind, but whether to follow it up or down is a decision best made by the mood of the crew, especially the female crew. Cruisers will meet at 9am for coffee and pastries at Fannie’s house on Saturday 10/13 and make the right decisions. By carefully testing their fingers to the wind, heeding the advanced forecasts, and consulting both their Ouija board and the I Ching, the event chairmen will provide several planned options to start the dialogue. Please register in advance at Event chairmen are Lyons and George Burke. 804-359-1187 H. 516-8600 C.

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