St Marys River Cruise


Fri, Jul 4 - 6, 2008



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: John Koedel


We will leave Friday morning, July 4th, for St Maryís Collage on the St. Maryís River of the Potomac. The current will be with you until 1600 hrs. Distance 46nm. There will be an early evening concert on the Collage lawn followed by fireworks. Dinner will be on board or ashore to be decided later. Saturday July 5th, we will go to Reedville and anchor off Tommyís Restaurant. The current will be with you until 1100 hrs at Smith Point. Distance 33nm. Their parade begins at 1400 hrs.  We will have dinner at Tommyís followed by fireworks. Sunday July 6th, return to FBYC. The current will be with you until 1030 hrs. Distance 20nm, chaired by John and Jay Koedel Jr. Register for this event at or contact or call 804-776-6168(H).

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