Crew Training - On Water


Sat, May 15 2021



Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Lauren DeSimone

2021 Crew Training On-Water Practice 

Saturday, May 15 
Saturday, May 22 - Club Boat & Adult Sailing Festival Day
Sunday, May 23  

These are optional on-water practice sessions in Deltaville to complement the classroom instruction and are intended to put theory into practice by reviewing basic sailing skills as well as racing maneuvers. A typical on-water day will include:

Boarding and navigating the boat

□ Identify how to board the boat and any safe/unsafe locations to sit/stand

□ Discuss the location/use of all safety equipment and life jackets

□ Review location of sail controls for this boat

□ Review the man overboard procedure

□ Use bowline/stopper knot

□ Use cam cleat, jam cleat, horn cleat

□ Raise main (& jump/tail halyards)

□ Trim/Ease/Tack main

□ Raise jib/genoa (& jump/tail halyards)

□ Trim/Ease/Tack jib/genoa

□ Grind/tail a winch (single person, w/ & w/o self tailing if available)

□ Winch: Add/Remove a wrap while under load

□ Winch: Ease while under load

□ Grind a winch in a tack (two person)

□ Tail a winch in a tack (two person)


Sailing the boat and returning it to dock

□ Demonstrate head to wind and effect on sails and speed

□ Demonstrate other sail controls: vang, cunningham, backstay, outhaul, traveler, other

□ Explain telltales

□ Demonstrate sheet/line organization

□ Explain telltales

□ Practice MOB

□ If sufficient crew and skill, put up spinnaker/gybe/etc

□ Drop headsail, fold and stow

□ Drop mainsail, fold and stow

□ Stow lines

□ Dock and put away boat


Special in 2021, on Saturday, May 22 Crew Training participants and their families are invited to join Fishing Bay's Club Boat & Adult Sailing Festival Day. This is a combined grand opening for our Adult Sailing School, introduction to our Club Boats, sailing clinic, and a great social with games for kids of all ages (in accordance with COVID-19 Rules).



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