Jere Dennison Legacy Regatta


Sat, Aug 7 2021


Event Managers

  • Event Chair: Phil Webb
  • Race Chair: Clark Dennison
  • Social Chair: Susan Webb


Sat. Aug 7, 2021


This event is held to honor Jere Dennison who served in FBYC leadership roles for over 40 years. While his achievements with the Club are too numerous to mention, he was the Club's youngest Commodore, created the Club's comprehensive Austin Memorial Library, and was Club Historian for over 15 years. Jere was an avid one-design sailor who completely understood that sailing is a lifelong adventure - an ancient legacy to be passed on from generation to generation !

NOTICE The event information below, used in conjunction with the General One Design Notice of Race, comprises the complete NOTICE OF RACE for this Special Event.

DESCRIPTION This regatta is a one-day event for Flying Scots, Classic Boats, and one design classes having three or more entries by skippers 60 years of age or older. All skippers will compete in the 60 years and older age group. Additionally, skippers 70 years of age or older can compete for the Vintage Skipper Award. This award is designated as a first place overall finish award for the age 70 or older skipper in each boat class. Seventy years and older skippers must designate their Vintage Award eligibility on the event entry form prior to the start of the first race. Skippers or crew will not be required to be members of FBYC. The crew may be any age but may not take the tiller during races, except during an emergency, or the boat is subject to protest and may be disqualified.

The Classic Division is open to any Classic boat design of 25’ length or under at the waterline. The Portsmouth Yardstick DPN Handicap System will be used to score finishes in the Classic Division - see   (DPN rating).

If there is a Classic Boat Division (3 or more boats) and other one design boats not comprising a fleet (3 or more like boats), these non-fleet one design boats may compete against each other and be scored in a separate Portsmouth Fleet. If neither the Classic Boats nor the non-fleet one design boats have enough entries (3 or more boats) to have their own separate Portsmouth Fleet, they may compete together and be scored in a single Portsmouth Fleet. These scenarios along with Division / Fleet separate or combined starts will be addressed / designated by the Race Chair prior to the start of the first race.

A determination of a yacht’s qualification as a Classic design and the assignment of ratings for yachts that may not have an official Portsmouth Handicap Rating will be made by the Regatta Organizational Committee. Therefore advance registration for those entering to race in this division is strongly encouraged.

ENTRIES Skippers must be at least 60 years of age on race day. Skippers wishing to compete for the Vintage Skipper Award must be at least 70 years of age on race day. Registrants can be viewed on Regatta Network.

REGISTRATION Advance registration by eligible boat skippers is expected on Regatta Network. Skippers competing for the Vintage Skipper Award will receive a designation ribbon at check-in to attach to the mainsail.

LATE REGISTRATION, CHECK IN 0900-1030 at the porch of the main clubhouse.

SKIPPERS' MEETING Will be held at 1030.

RACING The warning signal for the first start will be at 1200 followed by up to four races.

SOCIAL Due to social distancing concerns the traditional cookout may not be provided by the club for the regatta. This will be evaluated prior to the event. Drinks and snacks will be provided at the end of racing.

AWARDS Place winners will be announced but there may not be a formal awards ceremony. Awards will be distributed to participants.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY  Competitors participate in a regatta entirely at their own risk. See Rule 4, Decision to Race. Fishing Bay Yacht Club, the organizing authority, will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

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