Wolftrap DS #5


Sat, Sep 11 2021

Event Managers

  • Race Chair: Geoff Cahill
  • Social Chair: Debbie Johnson

Saturday, September 11, 2021

NOTICE This Event Notice below used in conjunction with the Long Distance Series Event Notice Offshore General Notice of Race, comprises the complete NOTICE OF RACE for the event.

DESCRIPTION The Wolf Trap Race consists of a fixed course distance race for PHRF SPINNAKER A, B, C, NON-SPIN and Limited Crew (sailboats holding valid PHRF of the Chesapeake Bay certificates), CHESSS, and CRUISING sailboats (having handicap ratings issued by FBYC.  PHRF NON-SPIN will be sailed allowing only one (1) headsail downwind. This race is the fifth race of the Distance Series.

SAFETY Sailboats shall comply with US Sailing  "Safety Equipment Requirements" (SER) Nearshore category with additional requirements of 

SER 2.3.1, Head or fitted bucket
SER 2.4.1, Lifelines
SER 2.5.1, Bilge Pump
SER 2.7.2, Propulsion (4 hour min)
SER 3.2.1, Jacklines
SER 3.7.1, Life sling
SER 3.1.4, GPS
SER 3.15, GPS with electronic MOB
SER 3.2, Paper chart back-up
SER 3.22, Wood plugs
SER 3.24.1, Searchlight
SER 3.26, Radar reflector
SER 3.27.1, Two buckets with lanyards
SER 3.32, Cockpit knife
SER 3.35, No aloft halyards
SER 3.36, Boom support

In the event of a conflict between the SER and applicable class rules, the class rules shall govern.

PROGRAM There will be a dinner and the awards in the clubhouse following this race. Awards for the Long Distance Series will be given at the Closing Day Event. Social program and awards may be altered due to covid.

WARNING SIGNAL The warning signal will be at 1100.

STARTING AREA The Committee Boat could be anywhere from Piankatank R. G “5” (FBYC “A”), to the yellow tetrahedron drop mark (FBYC “B”) or beyond.

COURSE The first mark of the course may be a (1) special buoy “Y” located to windward or on the approximate magnetic course from the Committee Boat as may be displayed by numbers shown on the Committee Boat or (2) a government mark listed in Appendix A. If an additional first mark is used, the Committee Boat will display either a “Y” or other letter to designate the government mark. After rounding the first mark of the course, yachts shall sail the remaining marks of the appropriate course as set forth below unless otherwise specified by the Race Committee.

If no additional first mark is specified, yachts shall sail the marks of the appropriate course as set forth below.


Marks of Course Leave to:
Piankatank R. Lt. Fl G 4s 19ft 4M “3” PA (FBYC “C”) Starboard
Wolf Trap Lighthouse Fl 15s 52ft 14M (FBYC “O”) Port
Piankatank R. Lt. Fl G 4s 19ft 4M “3” PA (FBYC “C”) Port
Piankatank R. Fl G 4s 15ft 4M "5"(FBYC “A”) Port


FINISH LINE Between Piankatank R. Fl G 4s 15ft 4M "5" (FBYC “A”) and the orange or yellow flag on a Race Committee Boat stationed north of FBYC “A”. If a Race Committee Boat is not on station at the finish, finishing boats must leave FBYC “A” to port by no more than 25 yards, and record their own time when FBYC “A” bears 180 degrees magnetic from the helmsman’s position, and, if possible, record the names, sail numbers and approximate finish times of the boats finishing immediately ahead and behind. This information should be passed along to the Race Committee Chairman as soon as possible after returning to the dock.

TIME LIMIT If one boat in a class finishes within thirteen (13) hours of the actual start time of the race for that class, then the race will be valid for all boats in that class. The time limit for remaining boats shall be two (2) hours after the first boat in their class or subclass finishes a valid race.

PROTEST TIME Protests must be filed no later than two hours after the last boat to finish within its time limit.

CBYRA SANCTION This race is sanctioned for CBYRA High Point awards.

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