Register for AOD and Stingray Point Regatta today!

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One Design Racing


Registration is now open for the 78th Annual One Design Regatta, August 12-13, 2017.  One of the biggest events of the year at FBYC, you won't want to miss this! We are happy to welcome the Hampton One Design 2017 National Championship as well!  Come for two great days of racing, and a Saturday evening with friends, great food, and live music!  Register now at   Volunteers like you make this event happen, so please take a minute to log into Signup Genius and see if one of these fun volunteer opportunities fit your schedule!  


Stingray Point Regatta

Stingray Point Regatta is almost here …

Women's Sailing Clinic - July 22

Caroline Patrick on

One Design Racing

Calling all Fishing Bay females! New event for 2017. 2 weeks away! 

A morning sailing/ racing clinic for women of all degrees of experience and age, with a combination of classroom learning and on-the-water time. Continued coaching during the afternoon Seabreeze regatta (optional but recommended). The clinic will have 2 class offerings: Beginning Sailing and Advanced Racing. Choose your preferred class when you register. Free to members! Non-members may attend with fee. See Event Notice at Women's Clinic Event Notice.

Update - REGISTRATION CLOSED JULY 11 -Sold out. Contact Caroline for wait list. 

Indian Summer Regatta and One Design High Point Series Results

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One Design Racing

The final race day of the One Design Series was conducted last Sunday. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny day with northerly winds ranging from 8 to 12 knots. What a nice fall day of racing for the six Flying Scots and four Front Runners that participated. Race officer, Jim Black and crew, ran four W4 races in quick succession followed by a W3 to finish up wind for a swift leisurely sail back to the club. Also on hand for the racing was Rob Whittemore who ran about the course giving vital on-the-water coaching on tactics and sail trim. This instruction was a good primer in how to step up our game and it was appreciated by all those …

One Design Spring Series #3 & Laser Spring Regatta Cancelled

Jon Deutsch on

One Design Racing
The One Design Spring Series #3 & Laser Spring Regatta for Saturday, May 20 has been cancelled.  After consultation with fleet leaders, PRO and registered participants - all agreed the combination of the impending rain for most of the day and higher winds would severely jeopardize the fun factor for our racers.

The next and final race of the Spring Series will be Spring Series #4 for Flying Scots and Front Runners on June 18.

And don't forget about the Open House a week from this Sunday - great opportunity to sail a fun short distance race followed by a great party with your fellow members - be sure to sign up ASAP so that we can assign start times for …

One Design Racing Season Kicked Off

Jon Deutsch on

Flying Scots

The One Design racing season kicked off last Saturday. Five Scots and one FrontRunner took place in the racing while another Scot skated around to the side tuning their boat. To help shake off some of the cobwebs PRO, Jim Raper, organized five practice starts which was a good warm-up.

With everyone ready and energized, the first race was launched. Well, not everyone was completely ready. Most forgot what a W2 race course was and rounded the leeward mark heading for the second beat. All, except the sage Hal Starke who went straight through the line and took the bullet. Immediately, those errant boats had to unwind to finish. A second race was started but unfortunately was soon cancelled due …

2016 Flying Scot Season

Len Guenther on

Flying Scots

The 2016 sailing season is finally here. Our One Design Opening Day is on Saturday 4/23!  Our enthusiasm for the sailing season skyrocketed when we took the boat to the club and attended the Opening Day social. We still need to find all the boat parts, but she looks pretty inviting parked with all the other Scots. Just wish we could be there this weekend to step the mast and get out for a practice sail.

Looking at the attached schedule, it's clear that there is a lot of great sailing to be done at FBYC and within a reasonable drive. Of course the big regatta for our fleet is the Wife Husband Regatta to be held …

2015 Flying Scot ACC

John Wake on

Flying Scots

Last year FBYC hosted the Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Champs, this year at the Blackbeard Sailing Club in New Bern NC hilarity ensued on the first (&only)race. Other than bruised egos, the boats from FBYC all survived.

Indian Summer Regatta: Cancelled

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One Design Racing
The One Design Indian Summer Regatta for Saturday has been canceled. With the very likely outcome of high winds, lots of rain and high tides - the fun factor is probably not going to be high enough for most of us to want to be out there.

As of now the Laser Fall Regatta is still on for Sunday and will be held unless something is posted otherwise.  We'll look see late Saturday if this weather system is sticking around or will be moving off and cancel then if it looks dire.

The next and last one design racing opportunity of the season is the One Design Closing Day and will be held on Sunday, October 11.

July 4th Cookout and Race Roundup

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One Design Racing

With the weather near perfect, 231 members and guests attended the FBYC July 4th event this year with 28 boats racing.   In the race's debut of J/70's they were no match Mark/Melissa Stevens in the incumbent Front Runners fending off the newcomers and taking the Hick's Trophy.  Matt/A.L. Braun took 2nd and Len Guenther was 3rd.


The racing started in the Piankatank off Stove Point and followed a course out the Piankatank near the entrance of Jackson creek and then back up the Piankatank finishing just in front of the club house.  It featured, upwind, downwind and everything in between testing the various makes of boat all under 24' waterline and …

On the Road At Home

John Wake on

Flying Scots


The second stop on the Flying Scot Capital District Circuit is the Greater Richmond Sailing Association Invitational. For most of the FBYC road warriors this is the one away event where you can sleep in your own bed (apologies to Len & Barb G.)!  GRSA is located on the northern end of the Swift Creek Reservoir about 15 miles southwest of downtown Richmond. Gasoline powered boats are not allowed, so for the most part the sailors have the lake to themselves. It does create some interesting problems for the Race Committee; the RC boat is a battery power outboard. This causes the RC to be very intentional about setting marks, but it is a lake and the wind shifts…so …

One Design Spring Series #2

Jon Deutsch on

One Design Racing

It was light and fluky day on Sunday for the Flying Scot, Front Runner and San Juan 21 sailors racing in the 2nd Spring Series.  After postponing on the water for an hour and a half 3 races were finally run in the early afternoon.  Each race conincided with a 180 wind shif resulting the course needing to be flip flopped before each one.

In the Flying Scot Fleet it was Jay Buhl/Mike Karn navigating the light air the best and winning 2 of the 3 races to take the fleet.  Winning one of the races was Len Guenther in his brand new boat - the boat remains undefeated as he retired for further prep.  Phil …

2015 One Design Fleet Captains

Jon Deutsch on

One Design Racing

As we begin 2015 I wanted to introduce our adult One Design fleet captains for the year:

24/5055 Len Guenther/Barb Guenther

Flying Scot
Len Guenther

Len has been fleet captain before and is a regular racer in the Flying Scot and Laser fleets.  He also crews on J/70s when he has the chance.  You'll often find Len sailing with his wife Barb. In addition to racing at FBYC, Len has taken his Flying Scot to numerous ACC and North American Championships.

157552 Frank Murphy

Frank Murphy

Frank is a long-time member of the Laser fleet and regularly participates in our Laser series as well as the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship.  Known to Laser Masters as one of Alain's chef …

2014 Flying Scot ACC Results

Debbie Cycotte on

Flying Scots


It was a great weekend for the Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Championship held at Fishing Bay Yacht Club for the 35 Flying Scot sailors competing.   Congratulations to David Neff and Jason Hair from Selby Bay, MD for winning the regatta and also the Capitol District Championship, being the top district boat as well. 


Saturday's races were started with wind about 12 kts but dropping to 7 kts later on.  Four races were held on Saturday with the final race in about 14 kts.  There were four general recalls (three of them under ZFP) as later in the day there was more current pushing the boats over the line.  Saturday evening the sailors were treated …

Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Championship

Debbie Cycotte on

Flying Scots

Only a few more days to the Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Championship this weekend at Fishing Bay.  Defending Champions Rob Whittemore and John Wake will be among the 35+ boats competing in the five race series.  Sailors from as far as Connecticut to South Carolina to Western Maryland will enjoy excellent competition, superb race management, a gourmet dinner by our own Chef Alain Vincey, and the special camaraderie of fellow Scotters that the Class is so well known for.  This will also be the Capitol District Championship with the title will going to the top boat from this district.  PRO Rick Klein and his All-Star RC Team along with Chief Judge Brooks Zerkel are ready for …

Fall Invitational and Laser Fall Regatta

Jon Deutsch on

One Design Racing

Nearly a dozen one design boats were out on Sunday for 4 races for Flying Scots, Front Runners and Lasers.


  • Front Runner: Mark Stephens
  • Flying Scot: John Wake
  • Laser: Mike Moore

75th Annual One Design Regatta Results

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One Design Racing

The weather wasn't the best for sailing on Saturday, but more than made up for it on Sunday.  Thanks to the competitors, volunteers, race officials, parents and every one else for making our 75th Annual Regatta a great weekend!

East Course Photos | Awards Photos

Here are the results and some of the winners. 

Flying Scot

Read Rob Whittemore's Write Up from the fleet here.

  1. Wind Dancer - Len & Barb Guenther
  2. Lucky Dog - John & Sharon Wake
  3. Patriot - Rob Whittemore & Blake Kimbrough

18 Boats - Results

Hampton One Design National Championship

  1. Gordon Walcott
  2. Latane & Jackson Montague
  3. Van Buren

13 Boats - Results

Front Runner

  1. Slingblade - Matt & A.L. Braun
  2. 9 Iron - Kevin Cross & Matt Lambert …

75th AOD Regatta - Flying Scot Write-Up

Rob Whittemore on

Flying Scots

Well if you weren’t there you missed a great (and challenging) regatta.

Unfortunately, the travelers did not turn out the way they have in recent years. Do not worry they will be here for ACC’s! The good news is that we had a ton of club scots out on the water. It was great to see so many club boats out on the water. This was a great turn up for ACC’s in September as we will be racing in the same area.

Day 1:

After a fairly long wait, we got in one tricky light air (I mean light!!!) race. On our boat we tried to focus on finding the pressure, minimizing maneuvers and staying out of traffic. We …

75th Annual One Design Regatta

Matt Lambert on

One Design Racing

FBYC Annual One Design RegattaFBYC is 75 years old and we're hosting our 75th Annual Regatta THIS WEEKEND on August 8-10 for the Hampton One Designs and August 9-10 for all other fleets.  This is a very special year for us and we really hope you will come join us for what will be a great event.

This year we're expecting to have starts for Flying Scots, Hampton One Designs, Lasers, Laser Radials, Optimists, Front Runners, San Juan 21 and any other fleets with 7 or more boats.  If your class doesn't have 7 boats -don't worry we'll still have racing for you in a combined Portsmouth fleet.  If you don't see your class friends …

Summer Sea Breeze 1 Results

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One Design Racing

Once Hurricane Aurthur blew through it was smooth sailing for the Flying Scots and Front Runners at the first One Design Summer Sea Breeze regatta on Saturday.  What was clouds with winds in the 30's just a day before gave way to mostly sunny skies and 8-10 knot winds for 4 races run by PRO Mike Dale and his race committee.  Thanks to Veronica Hinckle for some pictures.

Results | Pictures

Flying Scot (6 boats)

  1. John/Sharon Wake
  2. Len Guenther/Ron Thompson
  3. Tracy Schwarzchild

Front Runner (4 boats)

  1. Matt Braun/A.L. Braun
  2. Waddy/Parker/Caroline Garrett
  3. Jon Deutsch/Tommy Roper

One Design Piankatank Regatta Spring Series 3

Len Guenther on

One Design Racing


Hope everyone enjoyed the racing on Sunday - here is the 3rd place write-up:

Apparently the planets are back in alignment. The wind was a seabreeze, the humidity has begun to make itself known, and the Commodore ain’t typing this summary. Last Sunday’s racing got started after the fleet waited on the dock for an hour for the wind to fill in from the SE. Tom Roberts and his merry crew (Blackwell, Mike, Kate, Russ) wasted no time setting up a W course and then switching over to H courses once the wind “settled in.” Before one start my compass had the wind 35 degrees different at the boat than at the pin.


The play for most of the beats …

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