Spring Series 1


Sun, Apr 19 2009


Event Managers

  • Race Chair: Brooks Zerkel
  • Social Chair: Eric Bokinsky


April 19 & 26, May 2 & 9, 2009

DESCRIPTION This series will consist of multiple races on four days for PHRF A, PHRF B/C, and PHRF NON-SPIN sailboats holding valid PHRF of the Chesapeake Category 4P certificates.

Planned format will be as many as four around-the-buoys races each day.

PHRF NON-SPIN will be sailed allowing only one (1) headsail downwind.

The Race Committee may alter the format on any race day as conditions warrant or to attempt to provide a series of at least eight races for each spinnaker class and four races for PHRF NON-SPIN over the four days of racing in the series.

PROGRAM Awards will be presented for each day’s races and refreshments will be provided by FBYC after each day’s races. Overall awards for the series will be presented during the Urbanna Race awards ceremony at Rosegill on Saturday, May 23, 2009.
Warning Signal The warning signal for the first race each day will be at 1100 hours.
Subsequent races Multiple races are planned each day for PHRF SPIN and possibly for PHRF NON-SPIN.
STARTING AREA The Committee Boat could be anywhere from Piankatank R. G “5” (FBYC “A”) and Piankatank R. Lt. R “2” Fl R 4s (FBYC “F”) or beyond.
COURSES These course instructions apply to all races.

If conditions warrant, the Race Committee will fly Code Flags “F” over “B” when leaving the dock and hail on Channel 72 indicating its intention to race in Fishing Bay and the adjacent Piankatank River.

The starting and finishing lines will be between the orange or yellow flag on the Committee Boat and a drop-mark “X” pursuant to Appendix D.

TIME LIMITS If one boat in a class finishes within two (2) hours of the actual start time of the race for that class, then the race will be valid for all boats in that class.
SCORING The Spring Series winner in each class (PHRF A, B/C, NON-SPIN) will be the boat having the lowest total point score for the series. A boat may qualify for winning regardless of the number of races she has started. If eight or more races are completed for any class, then each boat in that class will be allowed to throw out their worst score.
CBYRA SANCTION Each day in the Series is sanctioned as a separate event for CBYRA High Point awards.
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