Date Event Name Docs Register by
01/27/07 Sailing Workshop at ODU - 0900-1530 1405-Notice.doc
02/03/07 CBYRA Region 4 Awards at FBYC - at 1700 - dinner at 1800 1417-Region IV Awards Summary.pdf
02/17/07 Race Officer Training
02/24/07 Bermuda High Party at Lyttons House 1415-Flyer.pdf
03/16/07 Gary Jobson at Moot Court UofR - 7-9pm
03/17/07 Principal Race Officer Training 0830-1200 at Retreat Hospital
03/17/07 Race Committee Team Training 1300-1700 at Retreat Hospital
03/22/07 Social Shackelfords Restaurant - 14125 Ridgefield Rd - 6 pm
03/30/07 Social Legend Brewery Co 321 W. 7th Street - 6 pm
03/31/07 Spring Clean-up Day
04/01/07 Crew Training
04/07/07 Crew Training
04/14/07 Safety at Sea and Seamanship - a Primer Pictures on Flickr
04/15/07 Mr Roberts - Race Committee and Crew Training
04/21/07 Opening Day Regatta 1567-moody200x33.jpg
1543-Opening Day.html
04/28/07 Stew Pot Regatta (Spring Series 1) 1562-.html
05/05/07 Barn Flooring
05/06/07 Salsa Bowl (Spring Series 2) 1663-Spring Series Final Results.html
05/19/07 Piankitank Regatta (Spring Series 3) Photos on Flickr - Flying Scot + Greg Fisher Seminar
05/27/07 RRYC Races - run by RRYC
06/02/07 Bay Breeze Regatta (Spring Series 4) 1628-.html
06/19/07 Parents Laser and 420 Race
06/24/07 2007 Flying Scot North American Championship 1419-northod.gif
1511-Powerpoint Promotion of FBYC
1525-Notice of Race -Rev 4-11-2007.pdf
1527-Notice of 2nd Revision 4-11-2007.pdf
1570-Registration Form - PDF.pdf
1636-Welcome Brochure 6MB.pdf
1639-Junior and Womens SIs 1MB.pdf
1640-FSNAC Sailing Instructions - 4MB.pdf
1598-Crew Finder.txt
1629-Event Sponsor Listing.txt
1632-Required Safety Equipment.txt
1643-Media Information
1666-Women and Junior Results.html
Photos on Flickr - FSNACs Women + Juniors
Photos on Flickr collection 2 albums FSNACs
Photos by Jon Deutsch - FSNACs collection
06/30/07 First Annual Sail Against SIDS Regatta 1434-logo.pdf
07/04/07 Long Distance Race 1633-fireworks.jpg
07/06/07 Hampton YC Junior Regatta and Annual OD Regatta
07/14/07 Junior SELECT 5
07/14/07 Summer Seabreeze 1 at 1PM 1717-.html
07/21/07 Team Race = away or at home
07/28/07 Summer Seabreeze Final Results 1770-.html
08/04/07 Team Race - CANCELLED
08/11/07 68th Annual Regatta 1719-Registration Form (PDF).pdf
1731-Mobjack Nationals Results.html
08/25/07 Great Chesapeake Shallop Races 1422-Announcement
Photos by Jon Deutsch Shallop Regatta
1517-Great Chesapeake Shallop Races.jpg
Photos on Flickr - Shallop Regatta
09/08/07 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championships 1749-Results.html
Photos by Jon Deutsch
09/16/07 Stove Point Regatta (Fall Series 1) 1766-.html
09/22/07 Fall Regatta (Fall Series 2) 1760-.html
10/06/07 Indian Summer Regatta 1772-.html
10/13/07 Deltaville Regatta (Fall Series 3) 1774-.html
Photos on Flickr 56 One Design
10/21/07 Chilly Chili Bowl (Fall Series 4) 1797-results.html
11/09/07 Annual Meeting and Awards Party 2007 Awards Pics
11/17/07 Fall Clean Up
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