2019 Fishing Bay Challenge Bowl

Paul Wash on Monday April 8, 2019 11:09PM

This year's Fishing Bay Challenge Bowl is inspired by past challenges. The goal of 2019 challenge is to continuously integrate Junior members across all of FBYC's sailing programs.


Awarded to the offshore or one-design boat that has consistently integrated junior crew into their racing program.


An FBYC registered boat must sail with at least 1 FBYC junior crew member in races where FBYC is the organizing authority. The races must occur between 4/13/2019 and 11/16/2019.

Award Criteria

To determine the winner of the award, ANY combination of the following factors will be considered:

  1. High Point standing for races sailed with juniors
  2. Number of regular junior crew
  3. Skippers participation/support of FBYC programs fostering junior participation
  4. Participation percentage in FBYC races


  1. Each skipper MUST inform the Commodore of their intention to participate in the Challenge Bowl
  2. Each skipper must record each Junior for each race to be eligible

Note: A Junior crew is any member of the Club that has not reached their 19th birthday before 11/16/2019. Offshore Winter Series 3 is excluded due to timing of the award.

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