4th Annual Wee Dram Cruise | Race

Jim Raper on Tuesday July 11, 2017 09:27AM

The Wee Dram will again venture to Cape Charles, VA on August 12th…their slips are a confirmed 18’ depth. We have reserved ‘C’ dock at the Town Harbor and if we should need more slips, those are available.  https://www.capecharlesharbor.com/facilities/

This remains a casual cruise/race format with a formal (shorts and tee shirts – no holes) social Saturday afternoon in Cap Charles.

To emphasize the cruising aspect of the ‘getting there’, and to assure a worthy recipient of the 2017 Wee Dram burgee, each boat will submit two scavenger hunt tickets naming items typically found on a proper cruising vessel…i.e. in-boom furling, electric winch, a third anchor, water maker, microwave, rail mounted grill, dingy – etc. These tickets will be collected before departure on the table in Fanny’s, placed in Mason jar and guarded by the event chairman until drawn.

Saturday afternoon, on the dock at Cape Charles, while we are sampling brown bag Scotch Whisky and eating appetizers, each skipper will draw two tickets from the jar at random. If a skipper draws a ticket naming an item that is present on his vessel at Cape Charles, that ticket earns him 30 seconds per mile of additional handicap to his rating – and if he has both, then a 1 minute increase to the boat’s handicap.

As votes for the most inspiring brown bag are being tallied, adjusted cruising elapsed times will be determined and the 2017 Wee Dram burgee awarded along with what remains of the contents in the winning brown bag to the boat with lowest cruising adjusted time – LCAT.

Start: Each boat will start themself and record the time that the bow of the boat crosses a line extending on a bearing of 180ºM to FBYC B (QR 15ft 4M "6").

Course: Wolf Trap Light must be left to port.

Finish: Each boat will record their finish time as they cross the finish line which is a line to G “1CC” Fl G 2.5s (marking the entrance of the Cherrystone Inlet Channel and Cape Charles Harbor) on a bearing of 0ºM.

The social on the dock will begin at 5:30 PM. Each boat will bring an appetizer to share, and one brown bag bottle of their favorite Scotch Whisky for the contest within the contest.

Please email Jim Raper with questions at jlraperjr@gmail.com with any questions.

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