53 boats compete - Fundraising reaches over $80,000

Strother Scott on Sunday June 24, 2001 08:41AM

On Friday night at the silent auction at Stingray Harbor Marina , it was announced that the 2001 Southern Chesapeake Volvo Leukemia Cup had raised over $80,000. On June 23, 53 sailboats raced in 15-20 knot winds. The race committee set a full Olympic Course for the spinnaker classes and the races concluded just before intense rainsqualls hit the fleets. At the Gala on Saturday night - under continuing rain - the awards were presented by FBYC Commodore Strother Scott and SunTrust Virginia CEO C.T. Hill. In the Fundraising class, the top award went to Carolyn Schmalenborger, Len Scharf and Dr. Rip Radcliff who raised $31,000. Mike Karn came is second with $10,000, and Chip Powell was third. And additional $3,400 was raised when Carolyn, Len, and Rip auctioned their First Prize one week Moorings Caribbean bareboat charter trip.

In the racing classes, the fleet competed in 6 classes. The largest class was the Leukemia Cruising Class (23 boats). First was Shinola (Petzinger), second was Ellen B (Bill Butler) and third was Obsession (Roy Meyer).

PHRF-A. First went to Prima (Norwood Davis), second was Legacy (Stuart Burnett), and third was Shamrock (Bob Rock & Craig Massey).

PHRF-B. First went to Smoke (Dan Smoker), second was Radio Flyer (D. Hannick), and third was Blade Runner (Brad Davis).

MORC. First went to Insatiable (Mike Karn), second was Blue Nude (Peter Filsinger), and third was Quickie (Veraldi).

PHRF Non-Spinnaker. First went to Jade (Berry Campbell), second was Avalon II (Helen Quinby), and third was Temptress (Robert DeJong).

Multi-hull. First went to 8-Up-Wid-It (Roth), second was Tritium (Dale Krolikowski), and third was Triagain (David Lannik).

Complete Results should be posted on Monday.

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