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Wake up, sleepyheads!  DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME began yesterday!!

PHRF WEBSITE UP AND READY – Register to apply/renew rating, check out the NEW Safety Equipment Requirements (adopted by PHRF of the Chesapeake) and more.  Go to the PHRF home page, www.phrfchesbay.org  and click on the appropriate topic.  You can apply for your rating, get info on the “Equipment Compliance Certificate” (you self-certify as in the past, but the category titles are different and so are the requirements), and you can pay at the site. The new Safety Equipment Requirements have been developed by US Sailing and come as a result of recent tragic accidents that occurred within the past year or two. PHRF of the Chesapeake has made some adaptations, including to which categories ( ChesBay, the old 4P, and Near-shore, the old 5P and 6P) which requirements apply.  Mike Mullarky, President of PHRF of the Chesapeake, is responsible for the significant progress that has been made at the PHRF site for information, obtaining rating certificates, and for easy payment electronically.  Be sure to check out the Early Bird application and the two-year certificate breaks in fees.   Git ready to git racin’!

Media Watch: SPINSHEET Magazine has had for a long time a significant relationship with southern Bay racers – special articles, crew listing parties, sponsorships and more.  The March issue sports a great cover picture of Nikki Marie at the helm during a session of Thursday night WilloughbyBay races (sponsored by Broad Bay Sailing Association).  A southern Bay photographer, David Baxter, snapped the photo.  Nice!

YIKES!!  Last Monday SBRNYCU had some info about Man OVERBOARD drills, but the gremlins made overboard two words.  An eagle-eye reader picked up the error and commented:

“I’m confused (as is the norm). Did you mean: Man Hover Board drills?  Man Overly Bored Drills?  Man Uber Bard (aka Bill Shakespeare) Drills?”   Now, that’s funny!  Remember, though, do those man overboard drills!!! 

Planning and Prepping for BluewaterTim Savage's newly blasted, faired and painted Tripp 41, Triage, with other upgrades, too,  is nearly ready to be splashed.  Tim and crew plan to use this year as prep for some significant bluewater sailing and racing in 2015 and beyond. 

SBRW Update:  The Southern Bay Race Week 2014  Cruising Fleet continues to grow – Larry Baun, BASERUNNER (Tartan 37C) has entered.  Alan Bomar, roundabout, and Neal Ford, ROCKET J, have joined the J24 one-design class.  Also, Richard Basye, MISS B HAVEN (O’Day 28 SD), has tossed his cap in the PHRF Non-Spin Class and Aaron Resslar is bringing his Tartan 10, PARROT HEAD, for Fairfax, to race in PHRF B.  The latest entries in PHRF A are Phil Briggs’ J36, FEATHER and Bumps Eberwine, SEA STAR.  See entry list, preliminary scratch sheet, NOR, enter (or get paper entry form) and more at  http://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=981  NOTE: At the site, click on “Additional Documents”  for Accommodations and Docking” info.

Registration closes THIS coming Saturday, March 15th.  NUTS & BOLTS RACE COMMITTEE SEMINAR, hosted by Rappahannock River Yacht Club (Irvington, VA) on Saturday, March 22, 0900 – 1500 (9am-3pm).  This seminar is ideal for race committee regulars as well as those interested in joining the race committee game. Whether sharpening skills or learning new ones, this is a great way to start your 2014 season.  This is a Morning with Murphy (SBRNYCU) Seminar, presented by John McCarthy, US Sailing Regional Race Officer and National Judge. Topics will include: Getting Organized (equipment, personnel, Sailing Instructions, etc.); Starting (lines, flags and signals, recalls); During the Race (courses changes, shortening, abandoning, marks missing, etc.); and Finishing and Scoring. You will learn things you need to know, especially the “nitty gritty” of running races.  Costs - $10, includes lunch, refreshments, and handouts.  The event is sponsored by Premier Sailing.  To register, please contact Tom Linville,  Tsailor@aol.com  or 804-438-6038Register now to help host RRYC with planning and certainly no later than the March 15th deadline.

MURPHY'S LAW: St Patrick’s Day celebrations are on the near horizon, and Yrs Truly, the Racing Beagle, is getting ready.  The green, shamrock dog biscuits are baking, the green brew is procured, and the shamrock covered beagle overcoat is ready.  What a striking figure the Murphster plans to present at the front of the Ocean View St Paddy’s Day parade and public celebration.  Ahooooooooo!  Murphy, The Racing Beagle,  /S/  Murphy the Racing Beagle, the sailing spirit in us all.

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