Facility Decommissioning 2020

Brian Ankrom on Tuesday November 24, 2020 01:40PM

The holiday lights are up & that special season is around the corner  -  Winter Decom season! 

We will be decommissioning the facility & boats for the Winter over the next couple weeks.  Barring any unusually cold weather, we will be closing down around December 7th.  Our 2020 decom list includes:

  • Haul & winterize all Race Committee boats
  • Winterize select Junior Coach boats
  • Close & lock the Bathhouse
  • Close & lock the Clubhouse 1st floor  (Upstairs will remain open)
  • Shut water off to the Jackson Creek Docks  (Power will remain on)
  • Shut water off to the Fishing Bay Ramp
  • Shut water off to the Junior Yard and One-Design parking areas

As usual, Fannie's will remain open all winter.  The front door will remain locked for security purposes.  But you can access the building through the key-coded porch door on the Jackson Creek side of the building.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

- Brian Ankrom

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