Facility Update and Building Closures

Brian Ankrom on Friday April 3, 2020 04:34PM

I'm please to report, we've improved the Club - inside and out this Winter!.  We've also had to complete many tough repairs because it has taken quite a beating.  Here's a few of the maintenance broad strokes:

  • The Fishing Bay Ramp had the grade improved and added a breakwater helping restore the beach.
  • Fannie's House flooring was replaced throughout.
  • The entance marquee on Fishing Bay Road has a new raised flowerbed.
  • Jackson Creek Middle Dock fasteners were replaced in the lower end and finger piers.
  • Many of the legacy trees were cleaned up, limbed, and groomed.
  • The Junior Field has begun receiving environmentally responsible burr and week treatment.
  • The Crane has been painted and is open for use.
  • The Fishing Bay Dock suffered storm damage in January requiring the replacement of pilings, framework, and decking.
  • The Fishing Bay Dock sustained further damage this week - it is usable but do not step on the area around the boat lift.
  • Additionally, the Fishing Bay Dock is not suitable for overnight dockage  - a number of pilings are aging and cannot take the strain.
  • Fannie's House water heater will be repaired this coming week.


Unfortunately, all common areas and buildings are closed in accordance with sate and federal recommendations:

  • This includes the Clubhouse, Fannie's, Bathhouse, Junior Shed, and the Pool.
  • Defribilators and first aid kits can be found in front of the Clubhouse and below the screened porch of Fannie's.
  • Restrooms and screened porches are locked and unavailable.
  • Club Boats are off limits - including Club Scots, Lasers, 420's, and powerboats.
  • Outdoor cooking equipment is unavailable.
  • Water is available on the docks and field hydrants - it is currently off at the pool and ramp.
  • The Crane is available - please let me know if you need training and a key.
  • A walkthrough is done every day - checking the water, walking the docks, and ensuring all is safe and sound.
  • I will call directly should I find any trouble with personal property.

Please let me know if you have any questions and be safe!

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