FBYC Flashback

Randy Alley on Friday June 2, 2023 12:57PM

2000 Turkey Shoot/Wayland RennieYou never know what old pics you may find cleaning house. Larry Pardey presenting the 2000 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta 1st Place Overall trophy (120 boats) to Wayland Rennie/Trilogy at Yankee Point Yacht Club. Pardey was inducted into the Cruising World Hall of Fame that year, and was inducted into the US National Sailing Hall of Fame in 2022, two years after passing from Parkinson's. 

Pardey: "We did okay today, but a San Juan beat the hell out of us. How'd you do?"

Wayland: "We beat the hell out of the San Juan that beat the hell out of you!"


At the National Hospice Regatta Championship later that spring in J105's at Fort Lauderdale, where we got the hell beaten out of us...

national.jpgWayland and Margaret Rennie, Randy Alley and Danny Austin, pictured.

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