J/70 Clinard Cup

Jon Deutsch on Tuesday May 19, 2015 09:58PM

FBYC has a new perpetual trophy to recognize J/70s.  The actual award to come later this year.  Look for the events to qualify for this cup to be sent to the FBYC J/70 Email List.  Here's the charter:

Presented in 2015 by Commodore R. Noel Clinard, founding Fleet Captain of J/70 Fleet 5 and registrant of FBYC’s first J/70 yacht, in memory of the travel and local campaigns of J/70 USA 46 “Loonatictu” and her crews.The award is for outstanding performance and participation in J/70 regattas at FBYC and elsewhere, and will be awarded to the boat with the highest number of points in thespecified events selectedby the presiding J/70 Fleet Captain or his/her designee.Points are determined by a modified high points system and individual boat standings in each event. For events other than FBYC Friday Night Series, boats will be scored based on their standings in relation to other FBYC boats. For example, the first place boat in a specified event with 8 FBYC entrants would get 8 points for that event; the second place boat in that event would get 7 points, etc., with the eighth place finisher receiving 1 point. However, for the Stingray Point Regatta, the J/70 World Championship,and the J/70 North American Championship, the points awarded are double what they otherwise would have been, so that the first place boat is awarded points equal to two times the number of FBYC participants. For example, if there are 8 FBYC boats at the Stingray Point Regatta, the first place boat would get 16 points, the second place boat would get 14 points, etc., with the eighth place finisher receiving 2 points. This award will be retiredif the J/70 Fleet losesFBYC fleet status, or atany time at the discretion of the FBYC Board of Trustees.

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