Life Member Nominations Needed

Joe Roos on Monday October 22, 2018 03:23PM

Awarding Life Member status is an honor bestowed by Fishing Bay Yacht Club to recognize a member whose contributions are distinguished by their depth, breadth, superior quality and lasting impact.  Any Club member may nominate another member for Life Member status.

The following is an initial filter for identifying possible candidates:

- Long and distinguished membership at FBYC

- Greater than 3 major leadership roles

- A history of significant contributions to the Club (such as, fund raising, community service, national sailing organization roles, continuous service, etc.)

- Leadership that produced new programs & services or took existing programs & services to a new level

- Significant contributions to the sport of sailing beyond FBYC

- Actions that result in greater recognition of FBYC

Awarding Life Membership is not an annual award, but an honor conferred by the FBYC Board on a unique individual. Ultimately, as you think about nominating a fellow member for consideration by the FBYC Board, you have to grapple with “What is the overwhelmingly compelling reason to nominate this Club member for the honor of Life Member status?”  Many of our Club members are noteworthy in their participation, volunteer service, likeability, and the Club thrives because of them.  From time to time however one member stands out from the rest of us as a uniquely significant member.  This is the individual we feel compelled to recognize with an act of gratitude by awarding that person Life Member status. 

Submit nominations, which should include supporting information, before NOVEMBER 4, 2018 to Joe Roos, Secretary and Membership Chair.  Email your nomination by clicking here.

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