New Clubhouse - 25 past Commodores assemble as the ribbon is CUT

Strother Scott on Tuesday April 16, 2002 09:55AM

commodoressmall Twenty-five Past Commodores assembled for the Commissioning Ceremony in front of the new Clubhouse.

They are - left to right: Peter Roughton 1959-1960, Bob Wardwell 1998, Waddy Garrett 1993, David Lee 1996, Billy Perkins 1987, Happy Hubard 1989, Frank Hargrove 1969, Bill Spencer 1994, John Hawksworth 1986, Case Whittemore 1988, Mrs. Allen R. Potts widow of Alan Potts 1971, Strother Scott 2001-2002, Wayland Rennie 1985, Brent Halsey 1977, Tim Blackwood 1978, Whitey Lipscomb 1991, Russ Collins 1992, Judy Buis 1999, Jim Rogers 1983, Mike Karn 2000, Bob Rock 1990, Bev Crump 1982, Herb Potts 1956, Jim Reid 1976, Hiram Pritchard 1974, Jere Dennison 1975, David Hazlehurst Rear 2001-2002, and Dick Cole Vice Commodore 2001-2002.

At the right rear are Bill Egelhoff, Club Chaplain and Clay Matthews, Bishop Suffragan to the Presiding Bishop.

ribbonsmallMore detailed photos taken at the ceremony and the party are also available.

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