Notice to Slipholders: Space Heater Update

Tracy Schwarzschild on Tuesday February 20, 2018 10:43AM

We have received some constructive feedback to the newly circulated lease provision banning the use of space heaters at the yacht club docks.  In light of that feedback, we have done some additional review and believe that the new lease restriction and related rules should be relaxed to address the concerns expressed by a number of slip holders.

Safety is our concern, but we recognize that each slip holder is ultimately responsible for the selection and proper use of equipment on board boats docked at the Club’s facilities. Accordingly, the Board has approved the adoption of a new Club Rule that will have the effect of nullifying the lease restriction on the use of space heaters and similar devices and permit the use of portable space heaters as provided in the rule set out below:

The prohibition set forth in Section 3(f) of the standard Fishing Bay Yacht Club Slip/Storage Lease Agreement is rescinded.


Permitted portable space heaters must:

(a) have no open flame or exposed direct resistance coils (hot wire type heaters are specifically prohibited due to increased fire hazard);

(b) have a ceramic enclosed heating element with a fan and trip switch that is automatically activated if the heater falls over or overheats,

(c) be compliant with boat wiring, and

(d) never be left on unattended overnight or otherwise unattended for a period of more than 8 consecutive hours.

If you have any questions about this amendment to the Rules, please contact the Brian Ankrom, Club Manager, at 804-334-7575.

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