Staggered Start Skippers meeting Sat at 9:30am

Strother Scott on Friday October 27, 2006 11:40AM

This is a heads up to what will be announced at the skipper's meeting at 0930 tomorrow. For the Closing Day Regatta we will have a Staggered Start Pursuit type race.

This year I have eliminated a large segment of time waiting for small boats, which have not entered, to start. As a result, Morningtide, the slowest rated entered boat, starts at the "Start Time" - 5 minutes after the "Warning Signal". Depending on the course length, all the other entered boats start within 15-30 minutes after Morningtide, so if I can get started on time - everybody will have started by about 1130am.

At the Skipper's meeting, I will hand out this spreadsheet which defines the starting times for each boat - all depending on the Course Length. The Actual Course, and the Length Code Flag - one letter pennant between A and L - indicating 7 to 17 miles, will be displayed at the Warning Signal and will be available by radio - Channel 72, once it is set. The sheet has 2 pages - one works if we start on time, the other is needed if we are delayed.

The race committee will be Brooks Zerkle, Cathy Clark and me. Anyone else interested in a cruise on Mr. Roberts, please let me know. LOOSE CANNON also has one extra crewperson to spare - my stockbroker friend for Waynesboro - who went on No Fear earlier this fall. He will be at the Skipper's meeting.

Smile when you pass Mr. Roberts, so I can get a good picture! Plan to dry off, warm up, and have a cocktail at the after race social - an Oyster Roast - and/or bring your own "crockpot" or other edibles.

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