Welcome to the 2016 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship

Jon Deutsch on Thursday October 13, 2016 10:13PM

Welcome to the 35th Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship at Fishing Bay Yacht Club this weekend!  That's right - the regatta is finally old enough to truly be a masters regatta.

We've got 40 boats registered and a few more expected to join us for some great sailing and food.  As always - we've got a great group of volunteers and we thank them for their work to make this happen.  And to the sailors - thanks for putting this on your calendar every year and making this part of your fall.

Here's a few things to know as you make your way to Deltaville:

Anyone arriving on Friday is more than welcome to go for a sail.  Please park boats either in the 'Laser Coral' directly in front of the main club-house, or in the field directly adjacent to the pool.  Please park cars around the outside of the Laser Coral (bow in, not parallel) or in front of the Flying Scots (we have permission to block them unless there's a cone there).  please DO NOT parallel park along any of the roadways in particular the area just in front of the rigging field.  After you've unloaded your boat, please move your car in front a Flying Scot or to another parking area.

Please help us keep things running smoothly by checking in as soon as you are parked and settled, but before rigging your boat. If you have pre-registered you still will need to check in and pick up your tshirt and SIs. Additional dinners are still available and can be purchased at check in - check/credit preferred.

Here is the NOR: https://www.fbyc.net/Events/2016/10.15.onedesign/Notice%20of%20Race
And the SI's have now been posted to the club website: https://www.fbyc.net/Events/2016/10.15.onedesign/Sailing%20Instructions


Directions to FBYC can be found at: http://www.fbyc.net/Club/Directions

There are two launching ramps.  The first is the concrete ramp between the club and the pool.  The other is the grass ramp on the east side of the property.  At the bottom of both is a beach for leaving dollies, etc while we are sailing.  Hoses for wash down are located near the junior shed at the top of the grass ramp, and between the rows of trailer parked boats.

We will have breakfast available both Saturday and Sunday morning at the club starting around 7:30am.  It will consist of breakfast egg casserole, bagels, muffins, coffee, juice, and assorted other items.

Please be in the clubhouse by 6:30pm for dinner.  At that time snacks, drinks and o'dourves will be served.  Dinner will be served as short time later as soon as it is ready.  Water, soft drinks, beer and wine  will be available and are included in the dinner.

Each of our RC boats will have water for competitors and trash bags for anything needing to be discarded.

The red RIB will have basic first aid as well as an AED.

A reminder that the masters rig swap rule is in effect.  Everyone sails together, but you can sail a radial, standard or 4.7 and everyone starts and races together.  You can change rigs for each day of the regatta.  Be sure to bring both rigs if you have them - even if you don't think you will use them - you never know!
NOR 2.4 Competitors may choose Standard, Radial or 4.7 rigs at their discretion, provided that all rig changes are made on shore and all sails have the same number (Rig-Swapping Rule turned on).

Looks like nice fall weather for this weekend.  Winds will be on the lighter side and temperatures in the 60s.

Tent camping at FBYC is welcomed and encouraged.  For those who are camping, please camp only the designated area.  The designated area for camping is on the North side of the property near the east bathhouse.  There may be a sign.

There are 3 buildings on the club property and each has restroom/shower facilities.  Feel free to use whatever is most convenient.  The fenced area adjacent to the dumpsters and parking area is private property - please respect our neighbors and keep camping activities on FBYC property.

We are just missing out on a great viewing opportunity for a rocket launch from the Wallops facility just <20mi east of FBYC on the eastern shore. It has been delayed from Friday night 8pm to Sunday night due to Hurricane Nicole: https://www.space.com/34348-nighttime-private-rocket-launch-east-coast-visibility.html

That's about it.  I should be around the club around 3pm on Friday.  If you have any questions I prefer email jon@jdeutsch.com and will have access to it throughout the weekend.  I can also be reached by phone or text message at 804-305-1244

Please drive safely and see you this weekend!


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