Worry Not...Brian is on the Scene

Karen Soule on Wednesday March 25, 2020 08:17AM


Anxious about your boat in the water or on the hard? 

Rest assured that FBYC General Manager Brian Ankrom is on site most every day keeping an eye on "things."  Brian walks the docks each day, checking lines and boats.  So if you're tempted to go down to look things over...DON'T.

If your in-water-boat has a bilge alarm and notifies you remotely, Brian asks that you contact him first before rushing down to FBYC.  Middlesex county has asked all non-residents to limit their travels to the county due to the age of residents and limited medical resources.  If you've ever called 911 from the club for something minor or major, you'll appreciate the need to keep these first responders as safe as possible.

Also, Brian asks that NO ONE drops their kids off at the club wanting to launch club boats.  The water is COLD and the boats are not available. 

So please limit your visits to Deltaville as much as possible.  Brian's wife is a local ER nurse and we need to keep her and Brian well so they both can do their jobs.

Thank you, all!

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