Date Event Name Docs Register by
02/28/04 North U
03/20/04 Classroom - Race Comm Training at FBYC
03/27/04 Spring Clean Up Day
03/28/04 Classroom - Race Comm Training at Retreat
04/03/04 On the water Race Comm Training at FBYC
04/04/04 Mr. Roberts Operator Training
04/10/04 On the water Race Comm Training at FBYC
04/24/04 Opening Day at FBYC
05/01/04 Spring Series 1 519-results.html
05/15/04 Spring Series 2 524-results.html
05/23/04 Spring Series 3 527-results.html
05/31/04 Memorial Day Fun Race 535-results.xls
06/05/04 Racing Training with 20ft boats
06/06/04 Spring Series 4
06/12/04 Spring Series 5 563-Results June Series only .xls
07/04/04 Long Distance Race 564-results.xls
07/17/04 Summer Seabreeze 1 (afternoon racing) 574-results.xls
07/24/04 Summer Seabreeze 2 (afternoon racing) 582-results.xls
08/01/04 Womens 420 Race (crew can be male!) 588-results.xls
08/14/04 65th Annual One Design Regatta 608-results.xls
08/20/04 Mobjack Nationals 613-Downwind.jpg
617-Start of Race 7.jpg
618-Start of Race 6.jpg
619-Windward Rounding.jpg
620-Downwind Race 8.jpg
08/29/04 Fall Series 1 626-results.xls
09/06/04 Labor Day One Design Race and Junior Dog Days 2
09/11/04 Flying Scot Capitol District Championship 633-Leading to the leeward mark.jpg
634-Rounding the Windward Mark.jpg
635-David Lee and Sharon and Ric Bauer.jpg
636-Mike Massie and Rob Wright.jpg
637-John Beery and Debbie Cycotte.jpg
638-Sloop John B.jpg
639-Ric and Sharon Bauer.jpg
641-Four from FBYC.jpg
644-Jerry and Andrea Latell of RRYC.jpg
09/19/04 Fall Series 2
09/25/04 Fall Series 3 650-results.xls
10/02/04 Fall Series 4 662-results.xls
10/09/04 USODA 2004 Atlantic Coast Optimist Championship 664-results.html
10/16/04 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championships
10/16/04 Indian Summer Regatta 675-results.html
10/23/04 Annual Awards Banquet at FBYC
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