Date Event Name Docs Register by
01/10/12 Gary Jobson at downtown Hilton Garden Inn 2900-Book Flyer.pdf
Photos on Flickr
02/15/12 Unlocking the Racecourse at Richmond Airport Doubletree
03/10/12 Safety at Sea Program - Va Boaters Card 2012 FBYC Safety At Sea Presentation
03/13/12 Crew Training Program at Thalhimer 630pm-9pm
03/17/12 Spring Cleanup Photos on Facebook
03/20/12 Crew Training Program at Thalhimer 630pm-9pm
03/27/12 Crew Training Program at Thalhimer 630pm-9pm
04/14/12 Opening Day 3631-Opening Day Standings - Final.html
3632-Opening Day - Race 1.html
Photos by cybrvanr
Video on Wavelength
04/22/12 One Design Opening Day (FS/FR)
05/12/12 Stew Pot Regatta (FS/FR) 3689-OD-2 (1).pdf
05/19/12 Salsa Bowl Regatta (FS/FR) 3701-OD-3 (2).html
06/09/12 Laser Spring Regatta 3712-Spring Laser Regatta.html
06/10/12 Spring One Design Invitational (FR+) 3710-OD Invitational.txt
06/20/12 Laser Parents Race
06/30/12 Piankatank Regatta (FS/FR) 3742-OD4 and Series Final.pdf
07/04/12 Long Distance Race 3774-OD Long Distance.pdf
07/21/12 Sea Breeze Regatta (FS/FR) 3781-Seabreeze.1.pdf
07/22/12 Laser Summer Regatta 3780-Laser Summer Race.pdf
07/28/12 Sea Breeze Regatta (FS/FR) 3783-Seabreeze.2.pdf
08/04/12 Pirate Cruise
08/11/12 73rd Annual One Design Regatta 3785-AOD-Shirt-2012.jpg
3789-Amended NOR.doc
Parking Map
3800-Optimist Final Standings.html
3806-FR-SJ-Typhoon Final Standings.html
3808-AL-Laser-TH-WM Final Standings.html
3809-Flying Scot Final Standings.html
Facebook event
Regatta Video
Photos by Bob Fleck - Front Runner, San Juan 21, Typhoon
Photos by Phil Kenny- Flying Scott
08/25/12 Legacy of Sail Regatta (FS) 3832-Geezer.pdf
08/26/12 Deltaville Regatta (FS/FR) 3833-OD Fall-1.pdf
09/09/12 Low Country Boil Regatta (FS/FR) 3874-OD1.html
09/16/12 Laser Fall Regatta Photos on Flickr
09/23/12 Fall One Design Invitational 3901-Invite.pdf
09/29/12 Indian Summer Sail Against SIDS 3915-Fall One Design Standings.pdf
3910-Race 1.html
3911-Race 2.html
3912-Race 3.html
3913-Race 4.html
3914-Race 5.html
10/13/12 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship 3930-Sailing Instruction.doc
Photos by Jon Deutsch
Regatta Video
10/20/12 One Design Closing Day (FS/FR) 3943-Fall Final Scores.pdf
11/04/12 Laser Frostbite Regatta 3959-Results.html
Photos on Flickr
11/10/12 Annual Meeting and Awards Party - CCV Westhampton Photos on Facebook
11/17/12 Fall Cleanup - 9am-noon
12/25/12 Payment Test for Board
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