2018 Yearbook sent to printers

Strother Scott on Tuesday March 13, 2018 06:28PM

The 2018 Year Book has gone to press and should be in the mail ‪in 10 days‬ or so.  The production process went extremely well this year, with only a few growing pain delays. The book content was created using our new Content Management System for the first time. The Division Commanders, Jim Raper, Caroline Garrett, John Galloway and Mark Wensell, report the process of creating and editing the Event Sailing Instructions was easy and painless.  

2018 yearbookOur new Executive Secretary Donna Mason did a great job working on the Membership Roster and Yacht Register database.   Her job is helped materially by the Member’s prompt return of the Member Data Sheets, which provide her information to keep the member database up to date.  And we thank Mary Spencer for her intensive and helpful review of our near final draft.

As a result of all the volunteer work, all updated schedule and event information that you will see in the Year Book is exactly what you see now on line under Events and other web pages.
Reminder - I keep getting questions about how to find the Membership Database on line.  At the top right hand corner of the website is a “Magnifying glass” next to the word Search.  Just click there, and select from the choice, Pages, Members or Yachts, and it will quickly show you the data you are looking for. 

Strother Scott

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