2019 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship Results

Jon Deutsch on Tuesday October 15, 2019 11:06PM

High water and impassible roads couldn’t keep the Laser Masters from sailing this weekend.  Extremely high tides due to a harvest moon and a Nor’easter off the coast made Fishing Bay Road nearly impassible in 6-8+ inches of water at times. The road and Fishing Bay dock were still underwater at some of the low tides over the weekend.


On Saturday everyone arrived plenty early ahead of the mid-morning high tide and rigged and waited for the right wind.  After a 2-hour postponement the wind filled in and 36 boats filed out to get in some races in the afternoon.

The wind filled in out of the SSE for 3 races with the first being won by Gavin O’Hare (Eastport YC) and the next two won by David Waiting (Severn Sailing Association)


Post racing Alain and his crew served up a scrumptious meal of She Crab Soup and Virginia BBQ Baby Back Ribs.  Dinner was cut a little short by the coming high tide and the need to get through the road before it became too flooded.

With the need for everyone to arrive early to again beat the high tide and with the better wind in the morning, the first start on Sunday was moved up to the oh-so-early time of 0930. This meant being awake and in some cases beginning to rig boats before the sun was even up.


David Waiting of Severn Sailing Association - photo by Paul Almany

We made the best of it starting the first race in 16 knots of wind out of the NNE. David Waiting won the first race of the day.  As the wind shifted around and eased a bit 2 more races were run with Mike Schmidt (Magothy River SA) winning one of them and Hal Gilreath who travelled all the way from Florida winning the 3rd race.  By 1pm the wind had died and the fleet was sent in for the day.

2019 Laser Masters Start - Photo by Paul Almany

Rick Klein and his race team of Mike Dale, David Hinckle, Becky Dale, Ruthana Jenkins, David Clark, Brad Miller, Mosby West, Debbie Cycotte, John Wake, Paul Almany, Sharon Bauer and a few others did a first rate job getting the fleet sailing when there was wind and off the water when there wasn’t. Every weather leg required a course change and they anticipated it every time.

Alain, James, Ron, Frank, and Don all helped in the kitchen for another marvelous meal while Britt Drake was instrumental in getting breakfast served and serving up Sunbirds as cocktail hour.

Congratulations to first time winner of the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship – David Waiting.  As an Apprentice Master David was given 3 points a race handicap and able to consistently finish in the top 3 every race to narrowly beat out Master Gavin O’Hare and Grand Master James Jacob (Severn Sailing Assn).  Top woman was Susan Taylor (Severn Sailing Assn).


Overall Winner: David Waiting, Severn Sailing Association
1st Woman: Susan Taylor, Severn Sailing Association

1st Great Grand Master: Don Hahl, Brant Beach YC
2nd Great Grand Master: Jim Knab, Rohoboth Bay SA

1st Grand Master: James Jacob, Severn Sailing Association
2nd Grand Master: Hal Gilreath, Florida

1st Master: Gavin Ohare, Eastport Yacht Club
2nd Master: Derek Fernon

1st Apprentice Master: David Waiting, Severn Sailing Association
2nd Apprentice Master: Luke Shingledecker, Severn Sailing Association

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