Adopting DPN-2 for Portsmouth Handicap Events

Jon Deutsch on Wednesday May 24, 2023 07:54AM

FBYC has made two changes for this season to our Portsmouth Handicap racing for small boats to improve the racing and make it easier to register for and (score these) events.

First, FBYC is adopting the DPN-2 handicap numbers for Portsmouth racing this season in place of the base DPN numbers we’ve traditionally used. The reason for this is that the base number is calculated for a very low wind range, and it’s very rare that we see that wind for the whole of our race days. Some of our participating boats have very different (higher) performance characteristics in more wind and the base rating wasn’t as fair to the other boats. Using DPN-2 – which is a rating based on a wind strength in the 4-10 knot range will attempt to even that out.

Second, to make it easier to register and score on Regatta Network – we have published a new Appendix E which has the DPN-2 numbers for most of the boats commonly sailed at FBYC. When registering for a Portsmouth class – there will be a note on the registration form next to the field collecting the Portsmouth handicap number pointing to the Appendix on where to look this up. For Portsmouth only events, a copy of this table will be posted at the top of the registration form.


If your boat is not listed in the Appendix, or you have questions or feedback we can use to improve for next year, please email us.

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