FBYC website plans off-season adjustments

Strother Scott on Tuesday November 17, 2015 10:27PM

Last Thursday I presented the FBYC board with a plan to make some behind-the-scenes changes to the FBYC website in late November and December. Now that the sailing season is over, we have the opportunity to cure a simple database design issue.

Everybody who uses the website has a user account, which knows your contact information. The member database also keeps your contact information, in a separate table. Our goal is to "normalize" the database, meaning both sets of data will be kept in one place. A small web site committee approved the plan last night. In preparing for the change, we have found and adjusted about 200 user records where there was an inconsistency with the user and member data, which may well account for some of the reported problems with the site over the years.

In preparation for the change, we will shortly turn off new user applications, and turn off the ability for you to edit your user data. After the migration, we expect continued modifications over the winter. We will keep you updated as we proceed.

Strother Scott

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