More Stories From the Leukemia Cup

Randy Alley on Monday June 25, 2001 06:52PM

Helen Quinby (committee member) shared the following "good deed" stories involving the Leukemia Cup: The following stories originate from the beautiful vessel, Jade, an old Pearson 30, that won the non-spinnaker fleet. The skipper, Barry Campbell, and his young son raised about $600 dollars. Not the largest but it's how they did it.....Jade sails in our Wednesday night series and Barry is paint foreman at York River Yacht Haven. This is an email he sent to all the Wednesday nite skippers...... To all Wednesday night sailors. JADE has entered the Leukemia Cup Regatta as a fund raising boat. My son Andrew has worked hard in our neighborhood and at his church group and we are well on our way. But we still need all the help we can get. Help us fight Leukemia and give what you can. Every little bit helps. Please make checks payable to " The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society " I will place a donation cup on the counter Weds night. REMEMBER EVERY DOLLAR ADDS UP Thanks , Barry Campbell and the crew of Jade The second story involves the York River Yacht Haven yard. It seems the fiesty, old mechanic was in a bosun's chair on the crane last week. Each of the workers in the yard carry a radio and they heard " Who will give me money to dunk Fred in Sarah Creek?" coming from the yard manager who was also running the crane. The calls quickly came in when Barry came on and said "let's contribute this to the Leukemia Society and really make it worthwhile." The money offers started pouring in over the radio to see Fred in the drink. Fred, realizing the enthusiasm, emptied his pockets of valuables and got wet. In this moment of zealousness, Barry had raised $160 more in cash for the Leukemia Society.
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