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Strother Scott on Tuesday August 8, 2017 10:35PM

Our website migration to a new modern system continues at a faster than expected pace.  Today we continued our conversion.  Most of you are familiar with our event pages.  This week we launch new event pages.  As of this morning all links to event pages on our Home page - will now take you to the new event pages on  The pages will look similar on a computer - with a left side bar showing links to register, who is coming, list of the chairs, and links to show event notices and results.  The large right hand side has the sailing instructions as found in the Yearbook.  We hope the pages are less cluttered than before. 

It will be very different if you look at a new event page on an phone or tablet.  The content will stack, with the left sidebar first and the right hand content lower on the page.  We are still working to make that mobile appearances even prettier and easy to use.

Event Managers will still use links on the left bottom to add results. But they will have to learn how to do it.

For all future events, the definitive sailing instructions are now on the new pages.  Last night both old and new page content started out identical.  I have now cut off editing of the old pages - and people who edit the content will also have to learn a new system.  They will see a little bird - a Wagtail - in the bottom right hand corner.  They click on the bird to edit the content.  Jim Raper has already updated Smith Point Race - with a Change Notice.  He said it could not have been easier once he saw how.

It will also be a short-term problem for those posting results.  Results posted on the new pages will show up on the new pages.  Recent Results on the top of the Home Page will only reflect results posted from the old system.  I’ll try to keep the two synchronized.  For those who don’t like change - the old pages are still linked under Event List pages like  For those who like change - please visit the similar page on the new website  and new results will show up on that page.

In due course, the programmer will migrate all old results from old to new, and all historical results and notices will display on the new lists.  At that time, assuming we get all aspects working correctly, all links to event lists will be changed to only take you to the new pages.   After that we plan  convert our Home page to the new site.  And after that is done, the average member will no longer need to log into two different websites.

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