Offshore Skippers - Event Registration / 2017 PHRF Certificates

Jim Raper on Wednesday March 29, 2017 12:24PM

This past winter, PHRF delegates from each club voted and instructed the PHRF Handicappers Board to issue 2017 PHRF ChesBay certificates with ratings for Windward/Leeward and for Circular Random (Random Leg) formats.  You will notice on your certificate that there are two ratings:  RATING (Spin/NonSpin) and CR Course RATING (Spin/NonSpin).
Fishing Bay amended its online registration to require an entry for each format, and for each rating (4 numbers) in ###/### format, matching the PHRF certificate.  2016 certificates were issued with both ratings, but the actual CR (random leg) rating may be amended for the 2017 certificates based on the handicappers' work during the off-season.
The Opening Day event is now open for registration.  The Opening Day course is a random leg course which will use the CR Course RATING (random leg) value.  Since this is both a PHRF change, and an FBYC event registration change, we wanted to give you a heads up on the entry requirements.
See you on April 22nd.

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