Overwhelming Attendance and Good Times at the Women’s Sailing Clinic!

Caroline Patrick on Tuesday August 1, 2017 08:37PM

After briefly being sold out due to great registration response, we were able to secure more boats and 25 enthusiastic ladies attended the women’s sailing clinic! The group was comprised of 15 beginners and 9 racing students in a mix of Flying Scots, Front Runners, 420s, and even a Laser!

Lots of members took advantage of the clinic offered free as a membership benefit, as two-thirds of the group were members.

The beginner students enjoyed an instructor on each boat for hands-on learning and focused on helming, tacking, and trimming the main and jib. The racing students focused on starts, crew work, and sail trim.

About half of the ladies participated in the Seabreeze Regatta that afternoon to extend their “tiller time” and continue their learning with coaches on the water! Thanks to David Hinckle and R/C for being wonderfully accommodating to the new racers and providing a relaxing racing environment.

But don’t take my word for it. Excerpts from some of the students:

“Thank you” ladies of FBYC for the Woman’s Sailing Clinic and a great day! The instructors were so in tuned to what we needed to know to get us out on the water (and back) safely as well as not feeling intimidated.  It was very informative to me for brushing up on skills learned long ago and gaining confidence. Thank you Rick for skippering and sharing your knowledge. Definitely needs to be an annual event!

-        Susan Dutnell, member

I loved the quick refresher course in the clubhouse. It was well put together. I was very happy with the flexibility, the fact that you did a "hybrid" [beginner/ racing boat for the students] that want to start racing but weren't quite ready for the racing class. We were able to work specifically on what we needed and Ron adapted to that. I also loved the fact that the Regatta followed and I was able to get on a boat and actually race!

-        Karen Lumsden, member

I loved the sailing clinic. It was helpful that Parker covered some of the common questions about starting during the advanced class (like if the pin/boat is favored and if it matters). And it was fun to try different jobs on the boat - my group would switch between driving, mainsheet, jib, etc. And it was also fun to meet other women sailors and learn from each other. Everyone was very positive, and it was just great to get out on the water with the aim of practicing some skills.

-        Lina Scott, member


Even though I grew up on the water, the Clinic was a great opportunity to refresh my skills and become more comfortable sailing. The instructors were great and made the day fun and relaxed, while still teaching us a lot. I'll definitely be back again next year!

– Peyton Curdts, guest


I had such a great experience at the Women's Sailing Clinic. The small group size and excellent instruction and feedback from Caroline meant that we really maximized our time out on the water. By the end of the course, I felt like I had a strong handle on the basics. The Women's Clinic is a wonderful addition to FBYC's programming--thanks for offering it! 

-        Lily Smith, guest

Thanks to Parker Garrett, Kim Garrett, and Ian Patrick who helped organize and prep.

Thanks to Amanda Almany, Caroline Budwell, Carrie Russell, Ron Jenkins, and Rick Peterson for being wonderful instructors on the water! You were invaluable!


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