Sea Safety @ FBYC: You Shouldn't Have Missed It

George Burke on Wednesday April 18, 2007 04:59PM

IMG_0639.jpg 73 members, community guests, and speakers attended the FBYC Safety at Sea Course, presented in the FBYC clubhouse, on 4/14/07.

Our speakers were led by moderator Sheila McCurdy who chairs the US Sailing National Faculty and is a US Sailing Passage Making Training instructor. Joining Sheila were Dr. Jim Barton, an emergency medicine specialist who served as ship’s physician for the 1985 trans-Atlantic Godspeed voyage, Jim Campbell, instructor for the USCG National Search and Rescue School, Pat Healy, former sailing instructor for the US Naval Academy and marine meteorologist, Ray Walden from the Deltaville fire department, and Chip Kinsey, an ATB commissioning captain and former tugboat skipper.

IMG_0634.jpg Each gave his perspective on sea safety issues pertinent to Bay and coastal sailing. The success of these speakers can be gauged by the remarks of one very experienced FBYC offshore racing skipper who said “before I came to this course I thought my knowledge of safety issues was on a 7 out of 10 level; instead, I was a 1.5!”

With their donations and good will, multiple sponsors helped to subsidize this program. These included Fawcett Boat, Annapolis Yacht Sales South, Chesapeake Yacht Sales, Gratitude Yachting Center, Norton’s Yacht Sales, Tartan C&C Yachts of Virginia, and West Marine.

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