Southern Bay Boats do well at Screwpile

Strother Scott on Thursday July 26, 2001 05:31PM

Three boats based in the southern Chesapeake Bay brought home first place silver in their fleets from Screwpile 2001 and 10 others finished in the top half of their classes. The Solomons, Maryland, event hosted 135 race boats in 12 PHRF and one design classes.

First in their classes were John Scott, Check Six , sailing in MORC, John Hanna racing in PHRF A2 in Battlewagon, and Case Whittemore, Patriot, who won the J/29 one design class.



Screwpile 2001 Results Special for Clubs and Sailing Associations

July 25, 2001

A total of 19 boats from the southern Bay and one from the Outer Banks competed at Screwpile. Here are their details:

FLEET 1 (6 races completed):

Finish Place

In Class Boat Skipper Club Finishes

PHRF A0 Class: (8 boats)

2nd place Fatal Attraction Gray Kiger HYC 2-6-3-2-2-3 (18)

3rd place Avalanche Sledd Shelhorse HYC 3-4-4-3-4-2 (20)

7th place Cash Flow Lloyd Griffin OBSA 8-7-7-6-8-7 (43)

PHRF A1 Class: (15 boats)

6th place Sea Star Bumps Eberwine HYC 12-6-3-2-7-7 (37)

9th place Feather Phil Briggs HYC 8-11-13-3-11-5 (51)

12th place VooDoo Chile Leroi Lissenden RSA 13-12-8-9-13-8 (63)

MORC Class: (8 boats)

1st PLACE Check Six John Scott HYC 2-3-2-5-1-2 (15)

4th place Insatiable Mike Karn FBYC 5-7-6-1-2-4 (25)

TRIPP 26 Class: (7 boats)

3rd place Radio Flyer Dennis Hannick FBYC 1-2-1-4-4-4 (16)

PHRF B Class: (13 boats)

9th place Juggernaut Mike Dale RSA 9-5-10-10-10-8 (52)

J/30 Class: (7 boats)

4th place Cool Change Rusty Burshell HYC 4-4-6-2-5-1 (22)

FLEET 2 (5 races completed):


Finish Place

In Class Boat Skipper Club Finishes

PHRF A2 Class: (11 boats)

1st PLACE Battlewagon John Hanna HYC 2-2-1-1-2 (8)

2nd place Cyrano Bob Mosby HYC 3-4-2-2-3 (14)

4th place Mirage Chris Schaumloffel HYC 1-3-3-4-7 (18)

6th place Blade Runner Brad Davis FBYC 8-7-7-6-6 (34)

9th place Glory Days Mike Nester BBSA 10-8-8-12d-10 (48)

J/29 Class: (8 boats)

1st PLACE Patriot Case Whittemore FBYC 1-1-2-4-1 (9)

PHRF C: (11 boats)

2nd place Caldonia Marshall Findley HYC 2-7-3-2-3 (17)

5th place Beowulf Bob Old PBC 8-6-5-5-1 (25)

PHRF C/D: (11 boats)

4th place White Lightning Bill Spencer FBYC 3-1-2-5-5 (16)

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