Save the Date: State of the Club Mid-Year Meeting

David Lennarz on

Club News

Join Commodore David Lennarz, Vice Commodore Rob Whittemore, Rear Commodore Paul Wash, Treasurer Steve Quiriconi, Finance Chair Veronica Hinckle, and Secretary and Membership Chair Joe Roos for an informal meeting on Monday, September 4th (Labor Day) from 10am - 11am upstairs in the Main Club House.  

Our Agenda will include:

  • Club Management                                     
  • Membership Status
  • Financial Update
  • East Dock Project
  • Fishing Bay Boat Ramp
  • Municipal Water
  • Summary / Q&A


Notice regarding The Log mailing

Amy McGlynn on

Club News

Due to an error, our printer recently re-sent the August Log instead of the September Log.  The September Log has now been mailed and should arrive soon.  You may also view it through this link:

In the meantime, please make note of the following time-sensitive items:

  • The Stingray Point Regatta starts Friday, September 2nd and goes through Sunday, September 4th.
  • September 5th, we will have the second of three planned meetings on replacing the East Dock at the Main Clubhouse (upstairs at 10 a.m.)

West Dock T Extension

Jon Deutsch on

Clubhouse News

The extension of the T on the end of the west dock is now complete - providing a lot more room for hoist boats and visitors.




2015 Dock Improvements

Jon Deutsch on

Club News

Over the past month a few improvements have been made to the middle pier - replacing everything up from the pilings on the first 100' of the dock. The pump dock has been entirely replaced.  In the coming weeks the T-head on the west dock will be lengthened to end of the slips.





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