Weekly Update

Brian Ankrom on Tuesday November 26, 2019 10:21PM

Schedule of Upcoming Events:
Thu, Nov 28: Thanksgiving
Sat, Nov 30: Winter Series 3 (Offshore)


This Week’s Update:
-  The 2019 season comes to a close Saturday with the final Offshore Race of the season.  Be sure to eat too much & have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!
-  Please be advised, we will shut with water off to the docks and closing the Bathhouse for the winter by December 6 unless inclement weather forces us to close winterize the water system sooner.  All Club power boats will be hauled and all Club sailing boats will be decommissioned for the winter by December 2.  Fannie's House will be closed for floor replacement beginning December 9.  Please stay tuned for updates.
-  I will be onsite working limited hours during the off-season but can be available for appointments.  You can find my contact information on the website, in the Club registry, and on my office door in the Clubhouse second floor.
-  Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance, notice a maintenance issue, or have any questions.

   Brian James Ankrom, FBYC Manager

Fishing Bay Yacht Club
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Clubhouse Address: 1525 Fishing Bay Road, Deltaville, VA 23043 (no mail delivery)

Phone Numbers: Club House 804-776-9636

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